Apex Legends Season 11 - Escape: New gameplay details including Ash abilities, new map, new weapon (2023)

Apex Legends Season 11 Escape is coming up and we are getting a lot of new content. From the biggest map Respawn has released for Apex Legends to date, to a new weapon and legend coming to the games.

There's a lot to consider, but don't worry, I've got you covered. Let's go over everything you need to know about Ash's abilities, the new Stormpoint card, and the new CAR SMG.

A New Challenger - Ash

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Let's start with Ash. If you want a full breakdown of Ash's lore and backstory, I have a recap video you can check out above.

In terms of abilities, Ash closely mirrors the abilities of a Titanfall titan. His tactic "Arc Snare" allows him to launch a projectile that surprises enemies and pins them to the ground, reminiscent of the Northstar Titan's ability. Ash's tactics require you to be extremely precise when implementing them. If you throw him to the ground next to your enemy, he must be close enough to the enemy to catch him on the leash.

The best bet is to hit the enemy in the body with the slingshot to trap them for stun damage. The rope also only lasts a few seconds on its surface if it's not attached to anyone, so accuracy is key to your tactics. A player caught in the noose can quickly run in the opposite direction to snatch it up.

Ash's Marked for Death passive reveals kill boxes on the map when a player dies, but he also has another passive that allows him to throw a data meter into a kill box to find out where the Kill Squad is. This is possibly one of Ash's strongest abilities. He does note that he can only use this ability once per frame, and tracking only marks the enemy's location as a player's manual ping, so it isn't constantly tracked.

Reminiscent of her Ronin Titan's ability, Ash's Ultimate Phase Break allows her to open a portal up to 70 feet in front of her and instantly teleport her to the other side. This can be used horizontally or vertically. Unlike Wraith's Portal, where the portal opens on two sides and can be taken from either side, Ash's Portal is more attack-based and helps open up fights or even a quick escape from intense situations you're in. trapped.

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The portal only lasts a few seconds, allowing Ash's teammates to capture the portal after placing it, but again, it cannot be undone.

Ash's abilities make her an extremely aggressive Legend, allowing her to open fights for her teammates, and as a solo Legend, granting her increased survivability when her teammates die. Include cooldowns.

Welcome to paradise - Stormpoint

Apex Legends Season 11 - Escape: New gameplay details including Ash abilities, new map, new weapon (1)

The new map, Stormpoint, is the biggest Apex has seen yet, and there's a lot to explore. The map is located on a tropical island with different elevations and transportation options. Tridents are available on this map, as well as new gravity cannons (similar to the ones in Halo) that launch you into the air to cover some ground.

You can use abilities and weapons while traveling through the air in the cannons, but be careful as the cannons make a lot of noise going in and can alert enemies to your spin. There's the return of the Marauders, the animals you see when you start the trials in World's Edge, and new Marauder nests where they spawn all the time.

There are also spider eggs all over the map, hanging from the walls and ceilings of caves or tunnels. These won't drop spiders on you until they've been shot, giving you the option to dodge these enemies head-on. These new additions to the wildlife will drop loot-like accessories and ammo, and do some damage to your Evo shield.

Stormpoint is roughly 15% larger than World's Edge and early rotations are important as there is more area to cover. The map rotations this season are Stormpoint and World's Edge, as is the ranked playlist. There are plenty of unnamed POIs filled with loot, so you won't have to crawl around for long to find your gear.

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New weapon - AUTO SMG

Apex Legends Season 11 - Escape: New gameplay details including Ash abilities, new map, new weapon (2)

Speaking of loadouts, there have been some weapon changes and a new weapon was added to the loot pool. A Titanfall fan favorite, the CAR SMG enters Apex with a few changes from previous games.

The CAR can use heavy or light ammo and can switch between the two at any time. The CAR will automatically switch to the type of ammo you have left when the other one runs out. The CAR can also hold any heavy or light attachment, allowing you to use the Tier 3 Heavy Magazine but also the Light Ammo Magazine. It has an incredibly high rate of fire and is most effective in close combat.

weapon changes

The G7 Scout was included in the Care Package with the Double Tap firing mode option enabled and slight improvements. Damage output for the G7 was also increased from 34 to 36. Triple Take is now back in ground loot and now takes energy ammo as it no longer counts as a sniper. The EVA-8 has been updated again this time to match the changes prior to Season 10, reducing its rate of fire from 2.1 to 2.0.

The L-Star also gets a few nerfs to match the benefits from last season. The run efficiency of the L-Star has been reduced across all rarities, the sizes of projectiles fired are smaller (to prevent blindness), and the damage has been reduced from 18 to 17.

There is also a new jump called Dual-Shell which halves the reload time for the Mastiff and 30-30 Repeater as it reloads two shells at once.

Ranking Changes

There have been some changes to the ranking system for competitive players, but nothing major. Kill ranked point values ​​now take player ranks into account. So if a Platinum player has queued up with their Diamond teammate and is now in Diamond ranked matches and they kill a Diamond player, the Platinum player will get more RP.

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Players killed by lower ranked players no longer lose points when killed, only the killer benefits from the modifier.

Apex Predators and Masters players are now treated as the same level. The RP cap for kills will increase from six to seven, but you still need to finish first to get it.maximum totalPR. The maximum killpoint RP cap is 175, which does not include the placement RP bonus you would get for placing higher in a match.

additional changes

Starting in Season 11, you can use 50 crafting materials to upgrade your white shield to a blue shield (level 2). The value has been changed so that you can create more levels immediately. The armor points you can craft have also been increased from 100 to 150.

Another adjustment that will make players happy is that Wattson will improve this season. Wattson's hitbox has been increased slightly to compensate for the removal of the low profile from the legacy update. The cooldowns of his fence have been halved and he can place them 50% farther and slightly faster. Walking through Wattson's fences becomes more of a punishment, as the damage a fence deals is increased by 33%.

Fences will now trigger slightly faster when a teammate walks over one. Wattson's latest, Interception Pylon, will have a health pool similar to how Lifeline's drone works. His ultimate shield health pool is 250 shields which can be given to nearby players and the shield recharge rate has been increased by 150%.

His pylon also lasts forever and does not expire after 90 seconds. But once his shield health is depleted, he will stop charging shields, but will continue to destroy incoming ordinances. To compensate, Wattson can only have one of his ultimate cones at a time, instead of three now.

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Apex Legends Season 11 - Escape: New gameplay details including Ash abilities, new map, new weapon (3)

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What do you think of Ash entering the Apex Games? Are you waiting for the new map? Let us know! We'll keep you up to date with all Apex news, so be sure to keep an eye on IGN.

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Is there a new gun in Apex season 11? ›

The Nemesis AR marks the first new weapon to appear in the game since Season 11's CAR SMG appeared on the scene. In previews, Respawn said their goal with the Nemesis was to upset the R-301 and Flatline meta, as well as provide a new alternative for fans of the Hemlok and other burst-fire weapons.

What gun goes with Ash apex? ›

A Mastiff or Peacekeeper shotgun is the perfect pairing to allow Ash to crush in close quarters. In general, most weapons in the game are fine for Ash, just try not to run too many Marksman or Sniper weapons.

What is Ashes new abilities in Apex? ›

Ash Passive Ability - Marked for Death

Marked for Death works once per deathbox. The deathboxes of recently eliminated players will show up on your map with a skull icon.

What is the Apex season 12 weapon? ›

Kraber - The Kraber has the highest single-shot damage of any weapon in Apex Legends. While it has a dreadfully low ammo capacity being a care package weapon, it can take down any character in the game, except for Gibraltar behind his arm shield, regardless of helmet tier.

What is the new gun in Apex season 12? ›

Weapon & hop-up changes

In Season 12, the Alternator SMG rotates out of Care Packages and the Volt SMG rotates in. On top of this, the VK-47 Flatline and Longbow DMR are both being rotated into Replicators, with no way to loot these firearms save for finding them in an enemy's deathbox.

Is Ash in Apex a girl? ›

For the background of the subject in Apex Legends universe, see Ash (character).
Real NameDr. Ashleigh Reid
Age~46 (as a human) ~76 (as a simulacrum) ~122 (total age)
11 more rows

Does Ash have a shotgun? ›

Ash is known for two main weapons: his "boomstick", a sawed off double-barreled 12 gauge Remington shotgun (although this weapon has changed several times, and the one shown most often appears to be a Stoeger Coach Gun), and the more noticeable chainsaw, which was adapted to replace his right hand, amputated in Evil ...

What is Ash's gun? ›

Ash's Weapon Loadouts

Ash has the R4-C assault rifle and the G36C assault rifle. Both are surprisingly similar weapons with the same ammo capacity, but the G36C sacrifices fire rate and damage for recoil stability. That said, the G36C is better at short range, while the R4-C has the advantage for longer range.

What is the rarest Ash skin apex? ›

One of the rarest skins for Ash is the Epic Venom Blade skin that shines just as good as Ash's original character design.

Was Ash a human apex? ›

Born in the unforgiving Frontier, Dr. Ashleigh Reid - still very much a human - learned early that the only person who was going to look out for her was herself. One day, she was hired by a mercenary group for a delicate job: steal an experimental fuel source being researched in the Outlands city of Olympus.

Why does Ashe have a rat? ›

"Ash's rat serves an important purpose," Parra continued. "It allowed us to show a bit of humanity from the character, without compromising the character itself. Ironically, it is the rat that shows the more warm/human side, the side that Ash herself will never show!"

How do you unlock Evil Ash? ›

Once you're in the missions tab, you'll need to complete the first mission, "If You Love Someone, Set Them Free… With a Chainsaw." Upon completing the mission, you'll be notified you've unlocked Ash Williams (Ash vs Evil Dead).

How far can Ash portal go? ›

The maximum horizontal range for Ash's Phase Breach is 62.5 metres. The Breach will open at the first ground surface below where the player is targeting.

Who is inside Ash apex? ›

In an attempt to save her, her mind is transferred into Simulacrum, leaving Dr Reid no more and only Ash. Her memories were locked away with a code; however, Ash's story from the outlands shows fragments of Dr Ashleigh Reid still living within Ash.

What's the strongest gun in Apex? ›

Our top ten for the best guns to play in Apex Legends in 2022
  • Number 04 of best guns in Apex Legends: VK-47 Flatline – Assault Rifle. ...
  • Number 03 of best guns in Apex Legends: Peacekeeper – Shotgun. ...
  • Number 02 of best guns in Apex Legends: C.A.R – S.M.G. ...
  • Number 01 of best guns in Apex Legends: R-301 – Assault Rifle.
Oct 19, 2022

What is Apex most popular gun? ›

The R-99 is one of the most popular guns in Apex, and has been since the beginning. Its phenomenal rate of fire more than makes up for its low damage-per-shot, and for those who can control its substantial recoil, it absolutely shreds.

What is the hardest gun in Apex? ›

The L-STAR is one of the hardest automatic weapons to get value out of. It's worse than every other AR, LMG, and SMG in almost every way, and is notoriously difficult to get used to using.

What gun is the heirloom? ›

Dan Wesson Firearms is well-known among gun enthusiasts for quality 1911 pistols. The 'Heirloom' pays homage to the Dan Wesson name.

What is the best AR in Apex? ›

R-301. The R-301 is always a great choice for assault rifles. The handling of the recoil is one of the easiest in the game, while providing great damage at all ranges. Even with iron sights, the R-301 shines from the first ring through to the final ring.

Was Ash an apex predator? ›

Like all Apex Predators, Ash often laments the lack of motivation in the IMC security forces given to her command, and frequently comments on their ineffectiveness.

Who is the robot girl in Apex? ›

Ash is a Simulacrum Pilot, or a robot with a human's mind. In this case that human is Dr. Ashleigh Reid, the former partner and apprentice of Horizon — who she reunites with in Apex's new “Stories from the Outlands” video.

How old is Ash in Apex? ›

Ash – 122 (46 as human & 76 as simulacrum)

Respawn Entertainment Ash is a blade runner in Apex Legends.

What is Ash's favorite gun? ›

The Shotgun, better known for its nickname of "The Boomstick", is the primary firearm of choice for Ash Williams in his fight against the Deadites.

Is the ASh-12 a shotgun? ›

The ASh-12 12.7x55 assault rifle (ASh-12) is an assault rifle in Escape from Tarkov.

Did Ash have a hunter? ›

Haunter is Ash's first unofficial Pokémon. Despite this, Sabrina and Ash both claim Ash caught Haunter in Haunter Versus Kadabra, implying it was officially his.

Is the r4c a real gun? ›

The Remington R4 is a firearms platform based on the AR-15/M16/M4/M4A1 series designed and manufactured by Remington Arms.
Remington R4
ActionGas-operated, direct impingement
13 more rows

How big is an Ash 12 bullet? ›

The ammunition used for the ShAK-12 is the 12.7×55mm straight-walled, rimless brass case based on . 338 Lapua Magnum, originally developed by the same organization that developed the silenced VKS sniper rifle.

How strong is Ash's? ›

His strength may rival even the heaviest of strongmen out there. Take, for example, his ability to hold his forearm out and let a 35 lb. Fletchinder particularly puts numerous bodybuilders to shame. Or, for instance, Ash is capable of easily carrying Pokémon that weigh as much as a human being.

Who is the number 1 Ash Apex? ›

#Player nameBR Kills
21 more rows

How strong is Ash in Apex? ›

Ash is a strong hunter. Her passive ability allows her to quickly figure out where fights are happening so that she and her squad can third-party. And if she's late to the fight, that same passive allows her to figure out where the lingering survivors have wandered off to.

Which Ash skin is the best? ›

The Chain of Command launch skin is your best bet. The skin, clearly reminiscent of DC Comics villain Deathstroke, turns the chrome all the way up and gives Ash embellishments in bright orange, while removing her mouth altogether from her face, and leaving just a pair of glowering eyes.

What is Ash real name? ›

Ash Ketchum, known as Satoshi (サトシ) in Japan, is a fictional character in the Pokémon franchise owned by Nintendo, Game Freak, and Creatures. He is the protagonist of the Pokémon anime and certain manga series as well as on various merchandise related to the franchise.

Was Ash once human? ›

It is later discovered that Ash is not human, as he appears, but is a Hyperdyne Systems 120-A/2 android, a sleeper agent who is acting upon secret orders to bring back the alien lifeform and to consider the crew and the cargo as "expendable".

Did Pathfinder find his creator? ›

The most interesting reveal found through Pathfinder's databank at the end of the clip shows that he was created by Dr. Amelie P.

Is Ash a rat? ›

"Ash's rat has no name," Respawn lead animator Moy Parra said in a tweet. "This was a request from us in the animation department with a particular purpose in mind."

Who is the rat that Ash has? ›

“Ash's rat has no name. This was a request from us in the animation department with a particular purpose in mind,” explained lead animator Moy Parra in a detailed Twitter thread. “We wanted to stay true to the character of Ash who wouldn't show much affection to anyone or care about naming her rat.

Does Ash have a mythic? ›

This addition to Ash's Pocket Monster stable led him to the mythical Pokémon, Melmetal, from the evolution of Meltan. For casual fans wondering is Melmetal a legendary Pokémon, the answer is no — it's much rarer. The Melmetal evolution means that eternal 10-year-old Ash inadvertently obtained a mythical Pokémon.

How was Evil Ash created? ›

Evil Ash's third incarnation was created via the severed hand of the original Ash Williams bonding to the skeletal remains of an ancient Egyptian warrior hidden within the Tomb of The Necronomicon.

Who is leader Ash Evil Dead? ›

Ash Williams (Ash VS Evil Dead) is a playable character in Evil Dead: The Game. As a Leader, he generally has some of the most well-rounded stats and will buff anyone around him. Ash Williams (Ash VS Evil Dead) has four unique skills that separate him from everyone else in-game.

How do I unlock Savini Ash? ›

The original version of Savini Ash was only available to players who pre-ordered the "Collector's Edition" or "Ultimate Collector's Edition" of Evil Dead: The Game. A red and black variation of the skin was later made available for other players by purchasing a t-shirt sold through the game's official website.

Who is better ash or Wraith? ›

Her tactical ability displays a marker over every Death Box that is less than 180 seconds old. This ability helps her pinpoint the location of the enemy players, giving the team a massive advantage. For players who play with their squads, Ash would be a better choice over Wraith for aggressive gameplay.

Is ash a tracker? ›

While playing Ash, you should keep in mind that Ash is a full-on offense Legend. Her abilities focus on tracking and executing opponents swiftly and efficiently.

How far does ash fall? ›

The average volcanic eruption releases millions to trillions cubic meters of ash into the atmosphere. Most of it falls near the volcano, but a significant portion can travel far away, drifting in the atmosphere for hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of miles around the globe.

Who rebuilt Ash? ›

In that quest, Loba makes a deal with Hammond Robotics to track down the pieces in exchange for Revenant's source code. Pathfinder finds Ash in the trash. Players rebuild Ash's head, Hammond gets the info they want, and literally toss her in the garbage.

Is there a new gun in Apex? ›

The Nemesis is coming to the Apex Games in season 16, which will be the first new gun added to Apex Legends since the CAR SMG back in season 11.

What guns are going in care package Apex season 11? ›

Season 11 Care Package Weapons

Starting in Season 11, the G7 Scout will be going into the Care Package with the Triple Take once again returning as floor loot. Despite the rampant speculation that the R-301 was going to be an heirloom weapon, this is completely false.

What is the most used gun in Apex Season 11? ›

Peacekeeper. The Peacekeeper is the biggest beneficiary of the Season 11 update. This already useful shotgun is simply more powerful than it was last season, which is really all the reason you need to give it a shot.

What is the best gun in Apex Legends Season 11? ›

R-301 - The R-301 is easily one of the most reliable weapons in Apex Legends. It has a stable recoil, solid damage, and a forgiving magazine even with no attachments. While the single-fire mode is less than stellar without the missing Anvil Receiver hop up, it can even be used to take pot shots at distant targets.

Is there a minigun in Apex? ›

Mobile Minigun "Sheila" allows her to use a minigun that she can either carry or place down, but it can only be reloaded while immobile.

What guns did Apex remove? ›

Respawn has disabled two weapons in Apex Legends after an exploit made them far too powerful. The infinite charge exploit was discovered in Apex Legends and affected the Rampage light machinegun and Sentinel sniper rifle.

What gun is the R-301? ›

The R-301 Carbine, or simply the R-301, is an anti-personnel carbine rifle that appears in Apex Legends, employed by combatants in the Apex Games, and is the 3rd generation of the R-x01 family assault rifles.

How do you get red guns in Apex? ›

Respawn Entertainment The Volt SMG will be exclusively found inside Care Package drops throughout Season 12. Care Packages drop incredibly rare and powerful red weapons.

What Apex gun kills the fastest? ›

Apex Legends: 7 Weapons With The Fastest TTK In The Game
  • 7/7 Flatline AR.
  • 6/7 R-301 Carbine.
  • 5/7 R99 SMG.
  • 4/7 Havoc Rifle.
  • 3/7 CAR SMG.
  • 2/7 Volt SMG.
  • 1/7 Mastiff Shotgun.

What are the 2 best guns in Apex? ›

The go to weapon loadout for high level ranked play in Apex Legends has been a combination of the Wingman pistol and the Peacekeeper or Mastiff Shotgun. There are quite a few benefits to this loadout that have top players coming back to it season after season.


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