CK3 Legacy Tier List - Best Legacies in Crusader Kings 3 (2023)

Hello and welcome to the best CK3 legacy level list. If you're having trouble choosing the right Legacy for your dynasty, use this tier ranking to decide.

All members of your dynasty benefit from these dynasty legacies. Acquiring the new Legacy of Dynasty becomes increasingly difficult as the cost increases by 500 Renown each time. You, as Dynasty Leader, can spend Renown to unlock Legacies.

The top 3 Crusader Kings legacies ranked below. So let's start.

Crusader Kings 3 Lifestyle Tier List

Crusader Kings 3 Congenital Traits Tier List

1. Sangre

CK3 Legacy Tier List - Best Legacies in Crusader Kings 3 (1)

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The blood legacy line is too good to overtake the nation you are playing for. Because the rewards are so worth it. Especially in the long run.

Diamonds, titles, fame, devotion and almost everything comes and goes. Except dynasty and lineage. In order to have good rulers, generation after generation, it is mandatory to unlock the blood legacy.

Careful breeding to produce the most worthy successors.

  1. noble veins:Chance to inherit good congenital traits: +30%. Chance to inherit new congenital traits: +30%.Always unlock this firstto create the perfect lineage. Cool, beautiful and herculean features are best.
  2. convergent blood:Chance to reinforce Inborn Traits: +30%. If the mother and father have the same trait of intelligence,kids will be geniuses 90% of the timewith this benefit.
  3. resistant bloodline:Chance to inherit bad congenital traits: -30%. Chance of new birth defects: -30%.It removes the bad genes from the blood.yreduces the possibility of having consanguineous children.
  4. Architectural Ancestry:Select a congenital trait to become more in the dynasty. We could choose Genius, Beautiful and Herculean in previous patches, but not anymore.Currently giant is the best option🇧🇷 Fertile too.
  5. octogenarians:Life expectancy: +5 years. This isn't really necessary, but it's always appreciated.

2. gloria

CK3 Legacy Tier List - Best Legacies in Crusader Kings 3 (2)

If you like to play this diplomacy focused game then this legacy tree will be of great help to you. Due to diplomatic experience, prestige, vassal limit and opinion bonus. Even if you don't like to play with the diplomatic approach, the assertive ruler and desirable combination legacies will come in handy.

Respect and loyalty, which others want to be associated with.

  1. Desirable Correspondence:Acceptance of marriage: +30. Good for expanding dynasty and gettingalliances🇧🇷 It can be unlocked because it only costs one perk.
  2. renamed name:Monthly Prestige +10%. Number of knights +1. Mercenary hire cost -10%.
  3. Earn respect:Personal schematic power +25%. Diplomacy Lifestyle Monthly Experience: +10%.
  4. Assertive rulers:Limit of vassals: +10. Short reign duration: -20%. Vassals are less likely to join claim factions and freedom factions.reduced short reignthe duration really helps in rebellions when their ruler dies.
  5. Justice:Overall opinion: +10. Maximum balance schemes: +1.

3. Relatives

CK3 Legacy Tier List - Best Legacies in Crusader Kings 3 (3)

Kin's legacy in CK3 focuses on the dynasty. Your perks grant certain bonuses to Opinion, Health, Education, and Skill. But most importantly, +10% fertility. Fertility is the best bonus of having big families.

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Large, healthy families were members who helped and supported each other.

  1. generous loins:Fertility +10% and opinion attraction +5. Sometimes I unlock it because of theFertilityand low cost of splendor.
  2. studious youth:Child's opinion: +10. Dynasty members get better education traits.
  3. Constant care:Average health increase due to disease resistance. Spouse's opinion +10. Fewer complications during pregnancy.
  4. Close ties:Close family opinion +10. Dynasty Opinion +5. Personal scheme success chance +30% against Dynasty members.
  5. Elegant aging:Now loss of dexterity with age. Increase skill with age.

4. mistaken

CK3 Legacy Tier List - Best Legacies in Crusader Kings 3 (4)

Guile's legacy is primarily focused on the intriguing lifestyle. Since it's my favorite lifestyle, I really love this heirloom tree. Especially the first perk because it grants natural dread and bonus dread gain. Dread is the best way to dismantle rogue factions.

Domination of dark schemes and government based on fear.

  1. Sinister Reputation:Fear Gain +20% and Natural Fear +15. It is almost necessary to reduce factions and rebellions. I always unlock this after completing blood legacy.
  2. Long range:Hostile scheme success chance: +10%. Agent bribe cost -50%. Good for intriguing characters.
  3. Natural schemes:Scheme Secret: +15%. Monthly Intriguing Lifestyle Experience: +10%.
  4. Venial:Monthly tyranny: -0.05. Intimidated vassals tax contribution: +10%. Terrified vassal tax contribution: +20%.
  5. Family connections:High chance of avoiding an assassination against each member of the dynasty. Intimidated and Terrified Interaction Acceptance: +%100.

5. lei

CK3 Legacy Tier List - Best Legacies in Crusader Kings 3 (5)

The legacy of the law is mainly focused on the gold lifestyle, control and management. Since hunts and feats are very important for prestige, opinion and stress, the -30% cost reduction makes your life a lot easier.

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Good administration and fair government in the eyes of vassals and peasants.

  1. Mainly fair:Popular opinion: +5. Hunting and feasting cost -30%. The reduced hunting and feasting costs are great. Popular opinion also helps to reduce peasant revolts. Can be chosen for Iberian kingdoms.
  2. faithful magistrates:Title creation cost: -20%. Growth control: +0.2/month.
  3. Power and prosperity:Cost of construction and maintenance of buildings -5%. Monthly Stewardship Lifestyle Experience +10%.
  4. Delegated authority:Powerful Vassal Opinion +5, Tax Contribution +%10 and Tax Contribution +%10. If you are an emperor ruling several kings as powerful vassals,this benefit will help you a lot.
  5. Farms:Mastery Limit: +1. Defender Advantage in Controlled Territory: +5.

6. guerra

CK3 Legacy Tier List - Best Legacies in Crusader Kings 3 (6)

Are you a war/martial focused player? Do you like to rule your kingdom with an iron fist and invade other kingdoms? Therefore, this legacy tree will help your dynasty on this path you have chosen.

Just wars with big armies and skillful knights and commanders.

  1. House of Warriors:Dexterity +2. Knight Efficiency +15%.
  2. Generational belligerence:Pursuit Efficiency +15%. Withdrawal of losses -15%. Casus belli cost: -20%.
  3. Squire Traditions:Martial Lifestyle Monthly Experience +10%. Dynasty members areless likely to dieor be wounded in battle. It also increased the chance of gaining dexterity.
  4. Inherited tactics:Men-at-Arms Counter Efficiency +15%. Vantagem: +5.
  5. Private Army:Maximum number of man-at-arms regiments: +1. You can recruit home guards as men-at-arms.

7. Erudition

CK3 Legacy Tier List - Best Legacies in Crusader Kings 3 (7)

The Scholarship Legacy Tree focuses on lifestyle learning. Primarily grants bonuses to Mercy, Opinion, Development, and Skill. However, I don't think it's worth investing points in this tree.

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Skilled guests, clerical approval, and trained counselors.

  1. vibrating court:Courteous and invited opinion +10. The best guests will be attracted. Guest attraction cost -30%.
  2. Ordained Government:Monthly piety +10%. Clergy Opinion +5.
  3. Precious knowledge:Promotion growth: +20%. Monthly Learning Lifestyle Experience: +10%.
  4. True Believers:Head of faith opinion +15. Faith Creation and Reform Cost: -20%. More mercy from pilgrimages: +30%.
  5. bureaucrats:Base progress and the impact of adviser skills on adviser tasks is increased by 10%.

8. aventura

CK3 Legacy Tier List - Best Legacies in Crusader Kings 3 (8)

The last two legacies are adventure and loot on this list. Not because they are bad. But because these bequests can only be selected by the Vikings in early 867.

Itinerant spirit, desire to know more and fascination with the invisible world.

  1. Traveling Passion:Diplomatic range: +30%. Gain additional troops over the cap when adventuring. Interaction with Dynasty Chief: Send the Varangian Guard.
  2. Presenters:Gift shipping cost: -50%. Seduction scheme success chance: +15%. Gain prestige for successful seduction schemes.The reduced cost of sending gifts is an S-tier perk.
  3. strange gods:Faith different opinion +15. Popular opinion of different faith: -50%. Faith conversion cost: -50%. Dynasty Member Quest Conversion Acceptance: +50.
  4. Veteran Scouts:Hostile enemy scheme success chance: -15%. Movement Speed: +10%. Supply Duration: +100%.
  5. decentralized rule:You can use the scheme to befriend vassals. Each of your friends gives you 3 vassal opinions, 2 popular opinions and +1% vassal tax contribution.

9. plunder

CK3 Legacy Tier List - Best Legacies in Crusader Kings 3 (9)

Loot and adventure legacies allow you to become a true viking. Bonuses are also very good. Both in terms of gameplay and lore.

As the saying goes, “inareThe family goes for the loot!”

  1. sea ​​lions:+1 Dexterity. Naval Speed ​​+20%. Prestige and fame in battles: +100%. Boredomridiculous amounts of prestige.
  2. Always cellar space:Army loot capacity: +50%. Defender Advantage: +5. Maximum size of heavy infantry regiments: +2.
  3. Experienced Hijackers:Salvage Gold: +50%. Gain prestige by rescuing prisoners. Characters are more likely to be trapped after a successful siege or attack.
  4. Make a kill:Enemy Fatalities: +10%. Earn gold in battles.
  5. no mercy:Daily Siege Progress: +25%. Enemy counties lose substantial additional control when occupied.

CK3 Fun Nations

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