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SAMSULA, FL, MARCH 16 – Year-round, Cabbage Patch (literally in the middle of rural nowhere) is a cozy tavern with a cow pasture as its backdrop. But twice a year, it becomes a mecca for those in Daytona's two-wheeled crowd eager for a Main Street alternative. As the powers that be have decided to push back Auto Racing by a week, and with it Push Bike Week by a week in March, some of us have had to make some tough decisions about whether or not attending Bike Week can participate. While grappling with a real job (vocation actually) I decided I only had the last Saturday of Bike Week to make an appearance and most likely just attended one event. But how do you choose just one place to go when the entire Daytona waterfront opens its hospitality doors? Looking back at previous Bike Weeks, it seemed like a pretty easy choice.

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The Florida weather did not disappoint the crowds as people began pouring into Daytona 2013. Cooler than years past, with hints of southern spring in the air, the headwind was friendly as the freeways made for cool sailing. Interstate 95 wasn't that crowded, so the drive was uneventful, with just the songs in my head for company. I got there early but found out right away that parking was expensive - $5 for a bike and $10 for a car. Cackleberry RV & Camping Grounds owner Frank Luznar told me that when traffic congestion forces sheriffs to direct traffic, we all have to pay to park. And this past Saturday, the boys in blue were out. But...for those in the know, there was also parking on the south side of this old tavern, and the bikes are still allowed to ride throughout the event if you wish. This final Saturday, the girls will wrestle in a thousand-pound greenery mix with huge crowds of fans in attendance to capture every oily moment. The atmosphere of southern comfort prevailed, with tourists and locals enjoying the many multicultural vendors, plenty of beautiful girls confident in their scant clothing choices, and four stages of live music. And the wide variety of unique individuals only adds to the mix. These are the reasons why I chose Cabbage Patch as my only stop this year.

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Now in the fifth generation of a Samsula family, Ron and Roger Luznar are responsible for the tavern and the surrounding party area, while Uncle Frank and Aunt Linda manage the Cackleberry campground. As far back as 1926, great-aunt Olga Weber had the foresight to understand the proverb, if you build it, they will come. Originally called Sopotnick's Corner Tavern, the name was changed to Cabbage Patch in the 1950s. Roger says that from the beginning of Bike Week it was riders who sought out their special little corner and ultimately gave it that title. Way back in Olga's day, this was farmland with no highway and nothing off the coast of A1A. Ron and Frank Luznar grew up here playing alongside little alligators, the local swamp dwellers, with farm equipment, tractors and beat-up cars. Ron Luznar later became a professor of chemistry and physics. Of the 50 acres they inherited, only 10 are in use today, and while the brothers have definite choices with their estates, both are doing well to keep Aunt Olga's vision, anchored in the style of biker life.

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There was only one wedding this year at Cabbage Patch, with Greg and Terri Kelley coming down from St. Pete to exchange vows. They were thrilled to be able to use a stage for their ceremony, especially since this cute couple has been coming to the patch for 34 years. While Bike Week or Biketoberfest aren't part of the calendar, bikers come here year-round to give their vacation a Central Florida feel.

The wet shirt competition took longer to bring many willing women through the main boxing area to cheers from the crowd and ultimately claim an appreciative victory. Winner Mindy took home the $100 grand prize while the other girls received ripped t-shirts. Mindy also had the honor of posing for photos next to the Keg Car, a moving vehicle that takes pride in her particular fame. Stroh's commissioned Ron Wharton to make 50 of these, but as we know plans sometimes change and only 19 were ever built. The body is a one-piece construction that looks like an aluminum beer can. It is also road legal as it has put up over 3,000 miles. He holds a barrel in front and the taps flow without a care!

But seriously, the main attraction remains the coleslaw wrestling, which takes place on Wednesdays and Saturdays during Bike Week and again during Biketoberfest in the fall. Padded with four mattresses that support a sizable amount of cabbage, Wesson oil is lovingly poured on the Florida women, who come to compete and mix it all up as they compete for the title of cabbage queen. The winner receives $500 and the finalists also get a scratch off for their efforts. Unfortunately, the actual wrestling mat is so far from the audience that unless you have a long lens, all you see is spinning thighs and arms. But the air remains fragrant, tinged with the thrill of cabbage and the agony of defeat.

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It is estimated that more than 400,000 people attended Bike Week this year with around three-quarters of them making their way to the Cabbage Patch. One can only imagine the amount of time and energy that goes into producing this biannual event. Jack Daniel's, CM Trek and Biker's Choice sponsored a bike show this year, and any day of the week you can register for additional competitions, including the smallest chest competition, tattoo shows and, debuting this year, an L.E.D. bike parade On-site food concessions and beer stands provide the nutrition cyclists need, as well as a variety of aftermarket vendors to purchase. The motto for the day seemed to be, "If you like my cabbage, you'll love my bed!"

During Daytona, you can even stay here temporarily in school buses, RVs, old cars, and tents with sleeping bags. They'll party and sleep until morning while the bikers sit around the campfire, trading lies and telling stories from their lives. Cackleberry Campgrounds is just west of the action for those heading south on Tomoka Farms Road, 15 miles southwest of Daytona at 549 County Road 415. Remember parking is free except on days police direct traffic like they were this Saturday, but this expense is worth it since you want access even if you're not going anywhere else.

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To me, the Cabbage Patch is old-school biker heaven during the Daytona mayhem: dusty as hell with burning eyes from the sand. Live blues music came from Lil' Mikey and the Tornadoes in the Dark Tavern, as well as faithful service from Poppy, a 17-year veteran bartender. Her full liquor bar also serves ice-cold sparkling wines and small pink drinks. And just outside, thousands of new friends are waiting to dance... and shop... and play on the grassy fields. Add to that hot chrome, nude ladies, leather and lace and you have what you need for a great day. What else would an aging biker need?

For more information, contact Roger Luznar at 386.405.5525 or visit his website at Tell them you're okay with Uncle Frank's rooster shirt; It's more fun than should ever be allowed, and downtown Daytona can wait.


What is Cabbage Patch with Bike Week? ›

During Bike Week you will find that the Cabbage Patch offers a wide variety of activities, including coleslaw wrestling (bikini-clad women wrestling in coleslaw, anyone?), entertainers, classic car and truck shows, food, and much more.

What are the dates for Daytona Bike Week 2023? ›

Where do bikers hang out in Daytona? ›

Best Biker Bars in Daytona Beach
  • Boot Hill Saloon. Boot Hill Saloon, an authentic biker bar, is one of the oldest waterholes on Main Street. ...
  • Main Street Station. ...
  • Full Moon Saloon. ...
  • Dirty Harry's Pub. ...
  • Iron Horse Saloon. ...
  • Ed Walden's Bar. ...
  • Bank & Blues Club. ...
  • Froggy's Saloon.
May 13, 2022

How much money does bike week bring to Daytona? ›

The Vice President of the Daytona Regional Chamber of Commerce said while the last economic impact study was done pre-COVID, she expects to see more than $75 million worth of economic benefits as a result of the 10-day event. Copyright 2022 by WKMG ClickOrlando - All rights reserved.

Why do bikers wear patches? ›

Colors are the insignia, or "patches", worn by motorcycle club members on cut-off vests to identify membership of their club and territorial location. Club patches have been worn by many different groups since the 1960s.

Why do bikers celebrate Friday the 13th? ›

It began innocently enough on November 13, 1981. The story goes that Chris Simons suggested to a few motorcycle buddies that they meet for a few beers at the Commercial Hotel (today known as Angelo's of Dover). Word spread about the get-together so that Friday evening on November 13, 1981 about 25 guys showed up.

Is Daytona Bike Week bigger than Sturgis? ›

Now running for over 80 years, Daytona Bike Week rivals other motorcycle rally giants like Sturgis as one of the biggest in the world.

How fast do Superbikes go at Daytona? ›


Take a ride around Daytona with a professional superbike racer at speeds up to 150 mph! All proceeds from the Two-Seat Superbike program are donated to the Roadracing World Action Fund, a 501(c)(3) non-profit focusing on improving racetrack safety through the deployment of soft barriers.

How long is Bike Week in Florida? ›

Daytona Bike Week 2022 - March 4-13, 2022

In its 81st year, Daytona Bike week is a legendary 10-day event filled with festivals, concerts, bike shows, street parties and much more.

Can you walk around with alcohol in Daytona? ›

No. You can't bring any alcohol bottles or disposable cups with alcohol onto the beaches of Daytona Beach as it's completely prohibited. But there are plenty of watering holes on the boardwalk to grab a cold one or a cocktail.

Can I walk on Daytona Beach at night? ›

Hours. The beach is accessible and free for pedestrians and bicyclists 24 hours a day, depending on tides and weather conditions. Driving and parking on the beach is open to vehicles from sunrise to sunset from November 1 through April 30 and from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm from May 1 through October 31.

Is there a dress code at top of Daytona? ›

Shake off the stiff workday duds at Top of Daytona Restaurant ? attire is casual. Safe parking in a nearby garage is readily available for Top of Daytona Restaurant diners.

How much does it cost to drive a race car at Daytona? ›

Track Time 24 Minutes- Voted Most Popular

Drive (3) 8 minute timed racing sessions all back to back with pit stops in between, driving faster speeds. ($2099.99 retail) SAVE 27% TODAY! SALE: $1539.99. + $44.99 Drivers Fee.

How many motorcycles are stolen during Daytona Bike Week? ›

About 100 motorcycles valued at $1 million were stolen during the 10-day event, police said. Most were Harley-Davidsons. "We don't believe there was any organized theft ring," Daytona Beach police spokesman Al Tolley said.

How much does a Daytona 500 Driver Make? ›

Given that NASCAR hasn't announced a historic purse in the two years since 2020, it's safe to assume that the winner would pocket between $1.6 million and $2 million.

What does Cabbage Patch mean? ›

cabbage patch (plural cabbage patches) (informal) A type of dance which involves extending one's arms out while making fists with each hand and moving the arms in a horizontal, circular motion.

What happens at Black Bike Week? ›

Black Bike Week History

Black Bike Week is recently reported to draw crowds in excess of 400,000 people to the area. This explosion of visitors happens every year for an extended weekend of motorcycle racing, concerts, parties, and street festivals.

Why is it called Black Bike Week? ›

During the segregation era Atlantic Beach was the only beach in the South where blacks were permitted. The Black Bike Week rally, originally called the Atlantic Beach Memorial Day BikeFest, was founded in Atlantic Beach by the Flaming Knight Riders motorcycle club in 1980.

What is Bike Week in Florida? ›

Daytona Bike Week 2022 - March 4-13, 2022

In its 81st year, Daytona Bike week is a legendary 10-day event filled with festivals, concerts, bike shows, street parties and much more. Visit this page if you're interested in vendor information.

Is cabbage head an insult? ›

Informal. a stupid person; dolt.

How much is Cabbage Patch doll worth? ›

While it's true that certain dolls, such as some “Baldies,” “Red Fuzzies” (rare red yarn-like fuzzy hair) and some of the other very early Coleco dolls bring over $100, and even some pre-Cabbage Patch Xavier Roberts dolls can bring over $1,000, most dolls sell for $10 to $30 and have not changed much from the original ...

Who invented the cabbage patch dance? ›

This move comes from a Miami rap group called Gucci Crew II, who had a song of the same name and would do this dance along with the song. The name of the move and song references the line of Cabbage Patch Dolls that got popular in the 80s.


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