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Fontaine New Play Area, 4.0 Version 4.0 is the first patch for the new Genossin project. As is becoming the norm, the opening of the next volume of the Travelers story will soon be accompanied by a wealth of content. This game will add many new heroes and areas as well as unique game mechanics.

Before we roll out patch 4.0 and wrap up Sumeru's story, let's find out what's in store for the game in the summer update.

The above information is taken from internal sources. Some details may change once the update is officially announced. As soon as I hear new messages, we will add this article. Bookmark the page to stay in touch.

Dato izlaska Genshina 6.0?

Update 4.0 should be released on August 16, 2023. Even according to tradition, the official HoYovers broadcast will be held 2 weeks before the specified date, where the developers will not only talk about the details of the future patch, but also give generous gifts in the form of promotional codes, but and share some promotional codes.

To the launch section, please. If there is a time change, we will explain it clearly in the article.

What will the banners look like?

We currently do not know the details of future prayer events. Despite this, it is already possible for the banners of the new version 4.0 to feature at least one legendary character from the Hydro area. The second place on the flag of the first half can be taken by one of the archons (repeat). I am rewriting the numbers based on the word "Arbeits" in the design of the inscription.

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Hydro Archon Focalors will probably appear a bit later in the 4.1 or 4.2 patches.

new characters

Insiders revealed that the company has plans for the Hydro area: at least nine legendary characters are planned to be released in 4.X patches. Among them there will be seven girls and only two heroes. Those names are also known.

Hydro-Arhonski Fokalori

Focalors is a hydroarchant and is the most famous character in the Fontaine region. The heroine became famous for a long time: the supreme deity has an average female model, long white hair and elegant design in white and blue colors.

Most of the people know the details of the plot, the story or the appearance of the heroine of the game. The character of the Archon is described as obliterating and even hysterical and, on the other hand, the Focalori will not exist as a positive character in relation to the Traveler. The goddess uses a one-handed sword in battle. Her abilities based on her gravity can be scaled to her max HP.

Learn more about focal lengths.

Lynn and Lynette were born.

Twins Lynn and Lynette are the first of the Fontaines to become famous since the beginning of the game. The characters in the teaser are two different ones. Lynn is a legendary Pyro Archer and Lynette is a warrior with an epic anomie. Despite this, some insiders still don't know anything about this girl and believe that this mixture is just a standard snack for all heroes starting to develop.

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As the leak was revealed recently, it has been learned that the twins play an important role in the Fontaines conspiracy and are also criminal thieves in justice.


The Supreme Judge of Fontaines, Navillet, is one of the most mysterious characters in the future, whom no one can see. The man was first mentioned in Nahidas' introductory post on the official HoYovers accounts. The probable familiarity of the Hydro Archon can not be seen as real, but personally, as the new denominator sees, but also in the words of enthusiasm from him.

Supreme Court's appearance remains a mystery, but one source was able to share a fanart featuring him rating it 9/10 as a real character.


Yuelin is a dark heroine whose identity is no longer known. The girl, who sports a bright yellow with blue accents, is apparently a member of the Light community and an advocate of a powerful rebellion. It is common knowledge that she is still at the vanishing point.

Risley/Leslie are two children.

fanart de hanekitsu

Risley is a character from the Fontaines Darkness faction. He is a young man who has been mistaken for the master of the Ordo, Favoni Varku. There are many theories as to whether the hero has a rough and somewhat wild appearance, but he also plays an important role in the history of that region.

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Captain R.

Captain R is one of the most interesting characters seen in the first big Future Heroes leak. As she is, the warrior girl will come to the future from Thorns Harbor at the time of her release.

It was previously reported that this character is not only very strong, but has been discussed many times in the game's history, which spawned many myths about his personality, leaving even less debate among experts. The most popular theory is that the heroine is Reindottir, the most important alchemist and creator of Albedo.


One of the girls, whose primary name is Mondstadt, identifies herself as Charlotte, an unknown legend who is known as the famous author of Fontaine. This young lady will appear in the card contest, in update 3.7, as a reporter for the Hydro Kingdom. Using prehistory in the form of a monologue and mondstadt framework, you can see that Anemo is the eye of God.

Although Charlotte will make her first appearance in patch 3.7, experts believe that as a playable character it won't be before update 4.0.

A stranger

Some of the big picture heroes remain unknown. According to Insiders, the two girls with the red and black design belong to the Port of Thorn and are now in Mondstadt. The girl with the interesting design has yet to be identified.

A map of the new region was created.

The game map will also be significantly expanded with the 4.0 update. According to GIFron experts, the new region will be located north of Sumeru, west of Mondstadt. Although the details of the landscape are unclear, the data has been used to calculate the approximate location of important structures in the region, including teleportation points and the town of Fontaine.

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In addition to the visible part of the space, underwater spaces are also being built. Data miners found game files with their tags in the database.

With the updated version 3.6, mining cartographers can overlay this map on the new 3D structures in the game.

new weapon

As for the future armor of the 4.0 update, we don't know much. The Fontaines production line will soon start up.

new artifacts

In the new Fontaine area, at least one Blessing Dungeon will contain two sets of artifacts. Of all the artifacts, they will be created in the area with the best legends.

new missions

The fourth chapter of the Archons quests, The Masquerade of the Guilty, will arrive with update 4.0. In the quest plot, the Traveler can meet and learn from Soutine, the assisted guide, as well as the "Premonition", and see the Archon's Coffers.

new transportation

This game will feature new vehicles and mechanics as well as many vast water areas and vast underwater locations. According to the world's best-of-its-kind map, the speedboat is expected to debut in the Hydro region, as is the dive mechanic.

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new events

Things are unknown about the current update, 4.0.

You are excited about the Kingdom of Water and the new quests from Archon. Here is our special section on the future of Fontaine.


How long does it take to get 4.0 Genshin Impact? ›

Update 4.0 is scheduled for release 16 August 2023 year.

What country is Fontaine based on? ›

Lastly, the region of Fontaine is inspired by real-world France. Based on the NPCs' attire, it seems to take inspiration from what France was like in the early 1900s. The name of the nation is also “fountain” in French, which is fitting since it's governed by the Hydro Archon.

How old is Nahida? ›

Another Dendro character enters the game after Genshin Impact 3.2's introduction, and this time we have Nahida. This tiny girl is actually around 500 years old, and acts as the current Dendro archon, with the Archon name Buer.

What version is Fontaine Genshin? ›

Genshin Impact 4.0 Fontaine region

Fontaine, which means 'fountain' in French, is the home of the Hydro region.

How often does Genshin release new characters? ›

New Genshin Impact characters are added to the game on a regular basis; there is usually at least one new character introduced with every version update.


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