Honkai: Trailblazer Star Rail Fire Crafting Guide (2023)

In thisHonkai Star Rail Fire Trailblazer Building Guidewe will cover defense supportan ardent pioneerBuild, which also doubles as a fire DPS, shield breaker, and ability point regenerator. This build focuses on playing multiple roles effectively to maximize the team's offense and defense.

Trailblazer is the main character in Honkai: Star Rail, and it doesn't matter if you choose male or female. You start the game with the physical pathfinder by default, but at the end of the first planet story you get the fire version. The physical follows the path of destruction, while the fire follows the path of preservation. Switching between physical and fire is instant, but you have to invest in each version separately. In this guide, we will focus on the Preservation Trailblazer and build it to its full potential.

In Zero Eidolon, Fire Trailblazer gives the team ample shield, has enchanted AOE normal attacks, and taunts. In addition, they increase his own and his team's resistance to damage. And with Eidolons, they get more damage based on their Def, trigger their enchanted attack more often, and gain shield power. Overall, the Fire Pathfinder is a very good unit for most in-game content.

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Fire Trailblazer Crafting Guide – Active Abilities

Skill Leveling Priority: Talent > Basic Attack > Ultimate > Skill.

Ice Piercing Light: A normal attack

There are two versions of the normal attack, the standard normal attack and the enchanted version. The standard normal attack is like all other characters, hitting an enemy with standard damage modifiers. The enchanted version hits the main target and the two enemies next to it and has a higher destruction capacity.

Fire Trailblazer can run the Enchanted version after getting four or more stacks of "Magma Will". There are many ways to get lots of Molten Will, which is why they run it most of the time. Both normal attacks and enchanted normal attacks generate team skill points, so Fire Trailblazer is a great unit to play as an SP positive character on any team.

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Eternally Burning Amber – Skill

Fire Trailblazer's ability is very simple and straightforward. Taunt all enemies for 1 turn, forcing them to attack the Trailblazer. Additionally, it increases the Trailblazer's damage resistance by a large amount for the same turn.

We don't prioritize skill leveling, as levels only slightly increase bonus damage resistance. The ability is situational and is usually only used once at the start of each enemy wave. The idea behind this is to ignore enemy damage, forcing them to attack the character that will take the least amount of damage. And if you use good light cones and relics they will hit a shield that can take hits.

Most dangerous enemies have similar attack patterns of dealing moderate damage to a target, then heavy AOE damage. Taunt will cause them to focus on Trailblazer, and if you have Ascension 2 Trace, Trailblazer's ability will also give allies flat damage resistance. So it can effectively reduce AOE damage, but it will require a skill point, so we only rely on it against really dangerous attacks.

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The treasure of architects - talent

Talents are the most important part of this Honkai: Star Rail Fire Trailblazer Build. Allows Trailblazer to accumulate stacks of "Magma Will" whenever he uses a normal attack or ability. Grants enchanted normal attacks at the cost of 4 Magma Will stacks. On top of that, it gives the whole team a shield when Trailblazer uses a normal or ultimate ability. The strength of the shield varies based on the talent level and the Trailblazer's defense stat.

You can see why leveling this talent is a high priority on this build and how it can make a difference. They are shields, and shields get a large flat shield power bonus based on talent level. This talent encourages Fire Trailblazers to build with the speed stat so they can activate it more often. Talent allies shield is not enough to stack a full round of enemy attacks so we need to constantly upgrade it. We also build Def and use the "Knight of Purity Palace" relic set to further enhance the power of this shield.

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Flaming Spear of War – Ultimate

At a cost of 120 energy, Fire Trailblazer destroys the entire field with AOE fire damage that scales with attack and defense. And after using the latter, he is guaranteed to use an enchanted attack without consuming Magma Will stacks. This Ultimate has a good shield breaking ability and allows for an additional enchanted attack, which breaks the shield even more. So overall the ultimate is very powerful against enemies weak to fire and generally a good source of damage.

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Honkai: Star Rail Fire Trailblazer – Tragovi

Traces are passive abilities that characters unlock after leveling up and reaching certain ascension levels. For this Honkai: Star Rail Fire Trailblazer Build, you have to farm and spend resources to unlock tracks, but they give the Fire Trailblazer a huge advantage. Minor tracks have plenty of DEF bonuses, and major tracks add team damage resistance, healing, and energy generation.

The strong defend the weak - Ascension 2

This adds a team-wide damage reduction to the ability that lasts for 1 turn, similar to the duration of the taunt. It's a decent way to reduce the damage dealt to your team against attacking enemies. Some enemies use one move for very powerful attacks and then unleash it on their next move. They are the ones who give you the opportunity to react with the skill of a pioneer. other than that, use normal attacks on the ability.

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Unwavering Courage - Ascension 4

This is a very powerful survivability buff, adding self-healing to enchanted normal attacks. If your Trailblazer takes most of the hits, your shield will never be able to negate all the damage it takes, so this trail helps mitigate some of the HP loss. It's an important tool that plays a role on some niche teams that don't use a healer, against enemies with single-target abilities. However, if the enemies do a lot of AOE damage, it can't sustain the whole team.

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Action defeats overthinking - Ascension 6

If Fire Trailblazer is shielded at the start of your turn, it gains an extra attack and generates energy. The description for this lane is too specific, as it requires shields to persist from turn to turn. If enemies remove the shield between each turn of Fire Trailblazer, you can't get the bonus, even if Fire Trailblazer refreshes the shield. The way to maintain this bonus is to have an additional source of shields. Whether it is another protector like7 of March, Cone of Light as the Texture of Memories or the blessing of the Path of Preservation in the Simulated Universe.

This bonus is strong offensively, because it charges ultimates faster, increases damage, and breaks shields faster.

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minor traces

Fire Trailblazer gains ten minor stat increases, spread out as follows:

  • def (five knots)
  • Attack (three knots)
  • HP (of nodes)

These are the most generic stats you can find on any character, with Def being the most useful. You gain a total of 35% bonus Def from tracks, equal to the maximum primary stat on a four-star relic. It's like having a complete bonus relic, so make sure to grab it when you have the resources.

Honkai: Star Rail Fire Trailblazer Build - Eidoloni

Trailblazer is the main character in the game and all of his Eidolons are free. They have five-star stats, with the added benefit of getting Eidolons from regional and story shops. He will get Eidolons for Trailblazer much faster than all other five star characters and even four star characters.

1. Eidolon adds more damage to normal attacks and even more damage to enchanted normal attacks. This bonus scales with Def, causing your Def stat to halve when you attack and attack. Overall, a very powerful bonus that allows the Fire Trailblazer its DPS role, without sacrificing defensive abilities.

The second Eidolon increases the power of the shield thanks to your talent, and the fourth Eidolon allows Fire Trailblazer to start with 4 Magma Wills in combat. This allows Fire Trailblazer to start out with a normal Charmed attack immediately on turn one, increasing AOE, shield break, damage, and healing.

The 6th Eidolon is a Def stack bonus that goes up to 30% bonus Def. The requirement to get this bonus is to use enchanted attacks, which is something Fire Trailblazer does naturally. It enhances the overall performance of the Fire Trailblazer and takes it to a whole new level.

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Honkai: Star Rail Fire Trailblazer Build - Cono de luz

For this Honkai: Star Rail Fire Trailblazer Build, gear is a key part and it usually requires some testing with different gear and settings to achieve maximum performance. In this section, I'll go over the recommended Cone of Light for the Trailblazer to play its defensive support, DPS, and breaker roles.

Light cones are similar to weapons in other games and while you can equip any character with any light cone, only cones that match the character's path can provide maximum benefit. Fire Trailblazer belongs to the "Perseverance" lane, which has cones of light that focus on scaling Def, adding more shield, taunt, and minor heals. The Fire Trailblazer can benefit from all of this, so you have a wide variety of powerful options to choose from.

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Amber - three stars

Amber has the highest Def stat among the three stars and serves as a perfect starting point for any Perseverance character. She has an additional Def bonus on passive, and even more Def when HP drops below 50%. Overall an easy choice.

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We are Wildfire - four stars

A guaranteed reward and easy purchase from the Forgotten Hall shop that you can get at the max level of overlay. It has a decent Def stat and gives all allies damage reduction and restores some HP at the start of the battle. The damage reduction buff lasts for 5 turns, so it's not infinite, but it still has a very long cast time.

It's a standard upgrade over the three-star options. In Perseverance double teams, you will use it on one character and use "Amber" on the other character, until you get a gacha upgrade.

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The first day of my new life – four stars

This Cone of Light is an upgrade to "We Are Wildfire" and you get it randomly from Warps. It has the same base Def as "We Are Wildfire", but also has a Def bonus on the passive. Instead of increasing allies' damage resistance, it gives them Effect Res. This means you'll be less likely to take detrimental debuffs, such as freezing, sealing, or any DoT. Effect Res is permanent, so it's very powerful, and the lost damage resistance is made up for with better shields.

All in all, these are the best four stars to use on the Fire Trailblazer. I would use it on them anytime unless I get or buy five stars.

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Memory texture - five stars

You can buy this Cone of Light in Herta's shop, using the currency you earn from the Simulated Universe. After completing World 3, you can buy your first weapon. The weapon set is limited to only three paths, persistence, hunting, and destruction. So if you have a better Cone of Light for Hunting, you can easily get a Cone of Light for Perseverance.

"Texture of Memories" is the best option for high base Def Fire Trailblazers and gives them a new shield. This shield is based on HP, which generally has more power than shields that scale with Def. If your Fire Trailblazer already has an existing shield, it will receive the damage reduction instead of the new shield.

This is a very effective Cone of Light for survivability, as well as allowing the Ascension 6 Trace process, resulting in increased damage and energy generation.

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Honkai: Star Rail Fire Trailblazer Build – Relikvije

In this Honkai: Star Rail Fire Trailblazer Build, we'll be covering all four relic slots: head, gloves, body, and feet. In addition to two slots for accessories, Sphere and Rope. The head always comes with the Flat HP main feature, and the gloves come with the Flat Attack main feature. Then Body, Feet, Orb, and Rope come with random stats. So equipping the head and gloves will contribute the most to finding the best secondary stats, while the other four should have good primary stats as well.

For Fire Trailblazer, we prefer the bonus from the "Knight of the Palace of Purity" set. Therefore, using four set pieces is a must, even before you have good primary and support stats. We then focus on the main stats as follows: Def on Body, Speed ​​on Feet, Def on Sphere, and the energy generation or Break effect on the string.

The sub-stats we want are always Speed ​​and Def. Some additional Break Effect, Attack, and Crit rates are nice, but not a priority. If you use the Cone of Light "Texture of Memories", HP will also become relevant.

Palace of the Knight of Purity – Relic Set

The bonus of the four piece set is a shield power multiplier, which modifies the total power of the shield by 20%. While the bonus for two pieces is a 15% increase in protection. These bonuses really affect the shields Fire Trailblazer gives himself and the entire team. I would recommend farming this set early over the others, so you get at least four pieces with decent primary stats to start with. Survivability is a big factor in turn-based games like Honkai Star Rail, and this set plays a big part in that.

Fleet of the Eternals – set dodataka

The two-part accessories, ball and rope, have a unique conditional bonus. "Eternal Fleet" gives an attack boost to the entire team, if the user can reach 120 speed. The Fire Pathfinder has a base speed of 95, so he needs a team speed of 25 to get this bonus. He can get 25 speed from the main feature on a five-star standing relic, which easily solves this problem.

Otherwise if you use a four star relic it gives you 16 speed. In this case, you need an additional 9 speeds from the substate. But anyway, once you hit 120 speed, your whole team gets a solid offensive boost. On top of that, the set grants a permanent 12% Max HP.

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Honkai: Star Rail Fire Trailblazer Build – Sastav tima

Teams are made up of four characters in Honkai Star Rail, where you typically try to fill various roles such as single target DPS, AOE DPS, shield breaker, and defensive and offensive support. The combat system prevents one character from being used to break all shields, as shields only break if you attack them with items they are weak against. Thus, the game still encourages players to build a very diverse team, with four different items, or at least three items.

In this section, I'll go over some of the recommended team members for this Honkai: Star Rail Fire Trailblazer Build. Note that the fire pathfinder is a defensive support that also doubles as a shield switcher and dps backup. They have a lot of potential on all teams and make it possible to build a diverse team.

Due to its hybrid nature, in late game content, Fire Trailblazer is not sufficient as a sole defensive support. You need another shield or a healer to increase the survivability of your team. and if you useyanqing, Trailblazer isn't enough to prevent him from taking damage and losing his buff. So the Fire Trailblazer still has some limitations.

Honkai: Trailblazer Star Rail Fire Crafting Guide (16)

Primary DPS from any lane

The way Fire Trailblazer fills various roles, they can be combined with any dps. Whether you go with Hunt's dps like for exampleAlma, Destructions like Clara orCry, or scholarship such as Himeko, Jing Yuan, orOn the border. Fire Traiblazer works with all of these and more.

I prefer to use a five star main dps that is good on single target and AOEAlmaor Klara. But not everyone has one of those, so other DPS like Sushang are also viable, but just need a bit more investment and optimization.

Honkai: Trailblazer Star Rail Fire Crafting Guide (17)

A Path of Abundance healer or other Perseverance protector

Usually you will usenatashahere, or Bailu if you're lucky enough to get it. However, The Fire Trailblazer's survivability opens up a new possibility, which is another shield. In some cases, you can survive the whole thing with Cheetah and Fire Trailblazer, without a healer.

In the double team of Perseverance,cheetahhe can provide a good shield for the whole team with his ultimate and Fire Trailblazer provides damage reduction.cheetahcan use Cone of Light with maximum definition and Pathfinder Cone of Light with damage reduction. That way, they can complement each other, greatly reducing the enemy's damage. You can do the same with7 of March, but it will use much more SP than Cheetah to keep the whole team protected.

On standard teams with a healer, you buildnatashanormally, he relies on his normal attacks to generate SP and his maximum heal. Use Cone of Light with forward progression or build team energy. Also give it more speed.

Honkai: Trailblazer Star Rail Fire Crafting Guide (18)

Debuffer iz Nihility Path-a ili Buffer iz Harmony Path-a

By debuffer I mean characters that can apply debuffs to enemies or remove them.Forit can do both, so overall it's a very strong unit. What makes even more sense with Fire Trailblazer is how it reduces enemy damage by removing its buffs. This takes pressure off of Fire Trailblazer's shields and allows the team to survive without using Fire Trailblazer's ability frequently. In other words, Pela uses skill points to increase dps and survivability. Then Fire Trailblazer can save his ability, which only increases survivability, resulting in an increase in overall team dps with very good survivability.

A five star option isBump, which can deal AOE damage and slow enemy movements.Bumpit can play a defensive role in addition to its attacking role, thanks to its imaginary element that complements the Fire Trailblazer's hybrid style.

Then, of course, there are all the Harmony Path characters.bronia,Stay, iTingyun. Among them, Asta shines the most as Fire Trailblazer is a fiery character that Asta can boost damage to. If your main dps is also Fire, like Hook or Himeko, then Asta becomes even better, because she buffs three characters, not just one.

Honkai: Trailblazer Star Rail Fire Crafting Guide (19)

final tips

The firewall is good and Fire Trailblazer excels at it. However, there are better items for dealing final blows to enemy shields, such as physical, imaginary, and quantum. If you have a character with any of these items, save the last hit in the strength bars for him. The Fire Pathfinder has no way of doing much damage with the final hit anyway.

The Fire Pioneer is a very good character in the Simulated Universe, with the blessings of the Path of Perseverance. However, he needs a lot of speed to keep creating shields after enemies destroy them. But combine this with Dots from the Nihility path, and you have a very effective combo.

Honkai: Trailblazer Star Rail Fire Crafting Guide (20)

Finally, be patient with the Fire trailblazer. They start with very small shields, but can get much better with investment. It also takes time to unlock all the Traces and Eidolons, so I can get all the tools I need in my kit.

Stay tuned for more Honkai: Star Rail character guides and be sure to stop by ours!contraction channelif you have any questions about the game. For more Honkai: Star Rail content, check it outServal Crafting Guide,Qingque Crafting Guide,Dan Heng Crafting Guide,Arlan's Construction,Sushang Building Guide,Tingyun crafting guide,According to the Construction Guide,Guide to make a hook,Brony Crafting Guide,Antler Crafting Guide,Natasha Crafting Guide,March 7 Build Guide,Edging guide,Seele Crafting Guide,Guide to making Sampo,Yanqing Crafting Guide,Cheetah Crafting Guide.

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