Kakul-Saydon Phase 1 - Legion of the Lost Ark Raid Guide (2023)

Lost Ark Cauldron-Sidon Legion Raid Guide (Phase 1)

Welcome to the Kakul Saydon Guide, the legion's third attack on the Lost Ark.

It only has normal mode and trial mode (check out ourExit game guideif you still improve your Equipment Score).

Like Valtan and Vykas, Raid doesn't have resurrections, it just resets.

Kakul-Saydon is challenging content, so you need to pay attention to each detailed mechanic described in this guide.

When you finish phase 1, go to ourKakul Saydon Guide to Phase 2.

Phase 1 Overview

  • Required Gear Score (Normal Mode): 1475
  • Gear Score Required (Test Mode): 1385
  • Total HP for Stage 1: 2,303,966,736 (2.3b)
  • Recommended battle items:

Kakul-Saydon Phase 1 - Legion of the Lost Ark Raid Guide (1)

    • healing potions
    • whirlpool bomb
    • panacea
  • available rewards
    • Completing Normal mode will give you Normal and Trial rewards.
      • heirloom accessory
      • 1 Kakul-Saydon-Trumpete
      • 50 Marks of Madness
      • 1000 gold

Kakul-Saydon Phase 1 - Legion of the Lost Ark Raid Guide (2)

    • Trial Rewards
      • 50 Token of Madness (no gold or materials)

Badges of Madness can be used to purchase exclusive items at a special shop.

Kakul-Saydon Phase 1 - Legion of the Lost Ark Raid Guide (3)

In addition to rewards, after completing Kakul Saydon, you can upgrade the effect of your relic/artifact set from level 1 to level 2, and these upgrades will improve the effect of your set.

Kakul-Saydon Phase 1 - Legion of the Lost Ark Raid Guide (4)

Overview of the Phase 1 fight between Kakul and Saydon

Welcome to the world of madness. In Phase 1, Kakul-Saydon will use his greeting mechanic to tag each player with one of four suits (spades - hearts - clubs - diamonds). Keep that in mind for later.

Kakul-Saydon Phase 1 - Legion of the Lost Ark Raid Guide (5)

Phase 1 also introduces a new mechanic to Lost Ark,Craziness.

  • In short, every player has a meter (like the Vykas Charm meter). When full, it turns the player into a clown. With each transformation, Kakul-Saydon gains 1 stack of 3% Defense Bonus.

Kakul-Saydon Phase 1 - Legion of the Lost Ark Raid Guide (6)

  • When a player's insanity gauge reaches 50%, a crosspoint explosion will trigger.

Kakul-Saydon Phase 1 - Legion of the Lost Ark Raid Guide (7)

(Video) [FR] Raid Légion : Guide PHASE 1 : KAKUL SAYDON - SenseiLeKam - LOST ARK - MMORPG 2022

    • If it hits a nearby player, it does little damage and gives the player a circle of madness that increases the madness meter of anyone who enters it.

Kakul-Saydon Phase 1 - Legion of the Lost Ark Raid Guide (8)

The other key mechanic to keep in mind is that when your insanity hits 100% your skills are replaced with 3 skills that help your teammates.

Kakul-Saydon Phase 1 - Legion of the Lost Ark Raid Guide (9)

  • Q - Weakens boss/minion
  • W - Reduces the madness meter of your nearby teammates (close range)
  • E - Drops a gift box containing an orb that reduces 1 player's Insanity meter.


Equal toVykas Legion AssaultYou will have help from Nineveh, Wei and Innana.

Kakul-Saydon Phase 1 - Legion of the Lost Ark Raid Guide (10)

  • Nineveh (Ctrl+Z)
    • Deals the most damage
  • Branco (Ctrl+X)
    • Deals an insane amount of stunning and decent damage.
  • Inana (Ctrl+C)
    • Creates a magical shield that provides immunity to Stagger and Knockback effects during its action, partially absorbing damage and gradually reducing the Insanity meter. When the shield disappears, it restores the HP of all players inside it.

key mechanic

Kakul-Saydon Phase 1 - Legion of the Lost Ark Raid Guide (11)

Relay Test (X130)

The boss will attack and a stagger bar will appear on it, 1 or 2 purple shields will also appear on the boss which will redirect its damage back to you so watch out.

Kakul-Saydon Phase 1 - Legion of the Lost Ark Raid Guide (12)

The purple shields can be the front or back of the boss.

1. Encontre Saydon (X110)

It's the same concept as the Medusa mechanic in Vykas - when everyone must turn the character's face towards the boss (you can use basic attacks to register your character's position in relation to the boss).

The battlefield lights will dim, Saydon will disappear and 4 clones of him will appear in each corner (1/5/7/11 hours).

3 clones do the same animation 1 clone does a different animation, if any player finds the other Saydon animation, everyone must look at that clone.

Saydon clone animation

There are only 2 animations - to see him you have to look closely at his hands, Saydon is performing a heart OR gun animation.


Weapon Animation:

Each player must be given a position before joining and only hearts must be pinged.


If 1 ping, it means it's another animation clone. All quickly redirect your character's face to that ping.

If 3 pings, it means the area NOT pinged has another animation clone, everyone quickly redirects your character's face to that area.

If anyone doesn't look for the real Saydon, it's instant death for them.

Last but not least, watch out for the floating red orbs floating in circles around each clone. If he touches a player, he gives the Darkness debuff for 5 seconds.

Kakul-Saydon Phase 1 - Legion of the Lost Ark Raid Guide (13)

partyzeite (X85)

The curtains close and reopen turning everyone into clowns, but this time 4 different skills appear for QWER.

Kakul-Saydon Phase 1 - Legion of the Lost Ark Raid Guide (14)

Everyone must move to a map slot that matches their map. Take a look at the boss and mimic his moves, easy.

When Saydon turns his back on you and shows an animationYou have to do all the animations except the one he does.

Blind (X50)

The curtains close and reopen to find a large roulette wheel in the center of the area, Saydon standing in the middle of it.

All you have to do here is match your card with the roulette wheel slices three times. Your card's sign changes with each flip.

Make sure you run out of roulette after completing your third card combination, as it will explode, dealing heavy damage and increasing your insanity meter.

2. Encontrando Saydon (X30)

Simple, just like Find Saydon (X110).

random mechanics

slot machines

During the fight, a random clown statue with a slot machine on its head will appear.

Kakul-Saydon Phase 1 - Legion of the Lost Ark Raid Guide (15)

If it is holding a suit of cards, it will be discarded, if it is picked up by the player who has the same mark, it will heavily decrease its madness meter.

(Video) Legion Raid GUIDE - KAKUL SAYDON GATE 1

If taken by the wrong player, it increases your insanity meter enormously.

Kakul-Saydon Phase 1 - Legion of the Lost Ark Raid Guide (16)

Sometimes it can drop a bomb that will damage everyone nearby, so be careful.


Saydon will roar, then some rainbow lights will appear horizontally or diagonally across the platform. Stay in vacant spots to avoid damage and increase the madness meter.

directed flames

Saydon will target 1 player with pointed lines of fire (can be 3 cones or 4)
The target player must stand still until the yellow lines touch the black lines (lock in) and attack.


Saydon targets 1 player and shoots a pink laser beam at them, hitting the player inflicts a state of fear for 5 seconds.


Saydon jumps into a ball to perform a circus flamethrower move. can be fought

customize your card

Saydon will raise his crutch to summon a large circle containing the 4 characters on the map. You must stand in the right place to avoid damage and insanity meter. It can happen twice.

flames everywhere

Saydon will spawn some circles of fire and perform Flame Breath on a target, which you should avoid as it deals damage, leaves a Fire DoT, and increases your Insanity meter.

regular posture

Saydon eats a bomb, spins back, and slams the ground with a cross-shaped slash, knocking players back and dealing damage.


Saydon disappears, a yellow circle appears under a target player, Saydon hits that yellow area and followed by 2 waves of AoE, dealing damage, Kockup and increasing the Insanity meter.

card launcher

This mechanic is very dangerous, Saydon spins and throws cards everywhere, when he hits a player he causes damage, staggers and increases the madness meter, you just need to run far away from Saydon.


Saydon launches a green attack from behind, knocking players back, dealing damage and increasing the Insanity meter.

triangle of flames

Saydon will target a player and launch a triangular flame forward up to 3 times.
he throws players into the air, dealing damage and increasing the Insanity meter.

frontal attack

Saydon teleports to a target player, slams forward a few times, staggers and throws the player back, and repeats this 3 times.

(Video) KAKUL SAYDON Mechanics lost ark - KAKUL SAYDON Phase 1 (p1) Guide

ground bombardment

Saydon will disappear, some small circles will randomly appear and knock down anyone standing on them, and a few seconds later Saydon will drop a bomb on the floor from above, the telegraph indicator of where he lands, a big yellow circle that was surrounded by another yellow line.

poker warrior

Saydon will summon the poker warriors, their telegraph meter is yellow, if you get hit by one of them your madness meter will increase, you must clear the area ASAP or the poker warriors will be surrounded by madness, you will increase everyone's madness meter when this happens.

paper birds

Saydon teleports to the edge of the arena and sends the paper birds flying over the area, so they turn towards him. Getting hit by them will stun you and increase your insanity meter. The safe place is next to Saydon's side.

two headed clown

A 2-headed clown randomly appears during the fight, he spits flames from both heads while slowly rotating, you must kill him as soon as possible.

Kakul-Saydon Phase 1 - Legion of the Lost Ark Raid Guide (17)

It is clearly visible on the minimap.

crazy circles

Sayon will bomb the area, each bomb will have a yellow circle surrounded by 2 yellow circles over the area, each hit of these yellow circles will greatly increase your insanity meter.

bomb fission

Saydon will throw a large bomb that splits into smaller bombs and splits into smaller bombs again, dealing damage, staggering and increasing the insanity meter.

bounty fire

A random player receives a cross to the head, a blast of fire follows them, knocking them back, dealing damage and increasing their Insanity meter.

card prison

This mechanic is the hardest random mechanic in Gate 1. Saydon summons a card cube containing random characters.

Kakul-Saydon Phase 1 - Legion of the Lost Ark Raid Guide (18)

1 or 3 players get stuck and Saydon starts printing cards and throwing them at a player. If a player picks the wrong card, it damages him and fills his madness meter.

If 2 or 3 cards fail, it's a cleanup.

condition 1
  • When 1 player is free, 3 are blocked
    • Card die color is always the same color as the free player, and the first card is always your card
    • The 2nd card is always the same suit as the free player
    • Example: The die is spades
      • The player with the spade card is the free player and moves forward to take the 1st card
      • The 2nd card is clubs
      • The third card will be one of the red suits
      • The fourth card is the last red suit
condition 2
  • If 3 players are free, 1 is blocked
    • Card die color always matches 3rd player, opposite die color starts first
    • Example: The dice is hearts
      • The 1st and 2nd players have a black mark (spades or clubs), both must step forward and prepare to take their cards.
      • The third player will be Hearts
        4th will be diamonds

If it's too difficult, you can use Sidereal Inanna.

Thanks for reading! Check out our guide toCauldron-Sitting-Phaseor check out our otherLost Ark Raid-Guides.



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