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In Lost Ark, there are several systems to strengthen your character and customize their build to your liking, one of them being the engraving effect system.

With etch effects, you can unlock permanent special buffs for your character, ranging from increased critical strike damage vs. the ability to deal less regular damage to increased protection and healing efficiency.

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The engravings are different from what you find in most other MMORPGs, so it may not be obvious what it is and how it works when you start playing the game.

The engraving effects your character has are determined by the engraving nodes you get from the engraving you wear, your accessories, and your skill stone.

In this guide, we've given you everything you need to know about Lost Ark's engraving effects system, from how it works to which engravings are best for you.


  • What are the engravings in the Lost Ark?
  • How do engravings work in Lost Ark?
  • How to activate engraving effects
  • How to get engraving recipes
  • How to update the level of the engraving effect
  • Engraving Effects Overview
  • What are the best engraving effects in Lost Ark?
  • Are the effects of engraving on the entire account?
  • How many engravings can you equip at once?
  • What to do with recorded recipes you can't use

What are the engravings in the Lost Ark?

Engraving effects, also called engravings, are special effects that your character gains from the engraving effect nodes they use, their accessories, and stone abilities.

When you use the effect of an engraving, your character gains the effect of that engraving, which can be anything from increased damage for a few seconds after a successful counterattack to permanently increased defense.

Engravings are unlocked for your character after completing the main quest in Luterra Castle.

There is a long list of engravings to unlock in Lost Ark, all of which give a different effect.

Eachadvanced degreeit has its own two unique engraving effects that can only be used by that class based on their abilities.

The rest of the engravings in the game can be freely used by each class.

The Engrave Effects menu can be accessed in-game by pressing Alt+I on the keyboard or via List then Engrave Effect in the bottom right menu.

You can see what engraving effects your character currently has in the Engraving tab on the character profile.

How do engravings work in Lost Ark?

The etching effects can be overwhelming when you first start playing, but you get used to it quickly.

Here's a detailed breakdown of how engravings work in Lost Ark.

Engraving effects are special effects that your character gains based on the engraving effect nodes they are wearing.

You can see what the engraving effect does by hovering over it in the engraving window, which can be accessed by clicking 'Alt+I' or via the list then engraving effect in the bottom corner right.

Your character gains engraving effect nodes from the engraving effect, attachments, and skill stones they use.

It's a bit confusing at first, but the engraving effect your character uses in the Engraving Effect window is simply a source of engraving nodes.

There are two terms you need to know to understand the rest of this tutorial: portable engraving effect and engraving effect.

wearable engraving effectit is an engraving effect that you can find in the Engraving Effect window that your character can equip to gain nodes for that specific engraving effect.

engraving effectit's the actual effect your character gets based on the engraving nodes your character gets from their two portable engraving effects, skill stone, and accessories.

You do not need to use a specific portable engraving effect or unlock it in the engraving effect window in order for your character to get the engraving effect.

If your character gains 5 Divine Protection nodes from their accessory and skill stone, your character will have the effect of engraving Divine Protection, even if you have never used any recipes to engrave Divine Protection.

There are three levels of each engraving effect. The number of knots you wear determines the level of engraving:

engraving effect levelNumber of nodes required

The higher the level of the engraving effect, the better the effect it gives. The type of effect remains the same, but the amounts increase with level.

Lost Ark - Etch Effects Guide: How They Work, The Best, Wiki - Gamer Empire (1)

You can see all the different engraving effects your character is currently gaining nodes for in the Engraving tab of the Character Profile window, which you can access by pressing 'P' or by going to Character then Character. Profile in the lower right corner.

Accessories and skill stones also give so-called bad engrave effects, such as Atk. Power reduction.

They work the same way as regular etch effects: when you have 5, 10, or 15 nodes of a faulty etch effect, your character gains a reduction in the power it grants.

It's your job to find the perfect combination of knots that will give you lots of knots in the engraving effects you want and minimize the number of knots you get in the wrong engraving effects.

Remember, etch effects only scale up or down when they have at least 5 nodes, so if you can find a build where you only have 4 nodes in bad etch effects, you won't have any scaling because they aren't activated.

While you don't need to bring the engraving effect from the Engraving Effect window to activate engraving, it's an amazing source of knots for exactly the type of engraving you want to use that doesn't produce bad knots.

Before you can equip a portable engraving effect from the Engraving Effect window, you must use a rare version of the engraving recipe that corresponds to engraving 20 times.

Each time you use an etch recipe, the initial value of 0/20 increases to 1/20, 2/20, and so on.

Lost Ark - Etch Effects Guide: How They Work, The Best, Wiki - Gamer Empire (2)

After using 20 of the same engraving recipe, also known as an engraving book, that engraving effect is unlocked and can be used. To equip it, right-click or drag it to one of the two portable engraving effect slots.

Portable engraving effects give nodes to the corresponding engraving effect based on its level:

  • Tier 1 (uncommon) = 3 nodes
  • Tier 2 (rare) = 6 nodes
  • Tier 3 (epic) = 9 nodes
  • Tier 4 (Legendary) = 12 nodes

To take a portable engraving effect to the next level, you must use 20 recipes of that engraving effect at its next level's rarity.

You can tell by the number of portable engraving effect nodes they give out if you have a rare portable engraving effect, for example, you instantly get a level 1 version of that engraving effect for your character without the need for accessory nodes or your skill stone.

If I had and used a Legendary Portable Engraving Effect, I would get 12 nodes and only need 3 more from the Accessories and Skill Stone to unlock the max level 3 version of that Engraving Effect.

How to activate engraving effects

Activate Engraving Effects in Lost Ark using at least 5 Portable Engraving Effect Engraving Nodes, Attachments, and Skill Stones.

There are three levels of engraving effects, which activate after carrying a total of 5, 10, and 15 knots of the same engraving effect.

The portable engraving effect does not need to be unlocked in the Engraving Effect window to get a specific engraving effect.

If you get enough nodes for a certain engraving effect with just your accessories and skill stone, that engraving effect will activate and your character will get its effect.

All the portable engraving effects in the Engraving Effect menu do is provide you with engraving nodes for that engraving effect.

While you don't need etch support effects to trigger etch, they are the main source of etch nodes and don't give negative etch nodes.

To activate a portable engraving effect, you must use 20 uncommon versions of that engraving effect recipe. Once you do this, they will be active and you can equip them to get 3 nodes based on the engraving effect or twice to get 6.

You can see how many nodes you get for different engraving effects from your portable engraving effect, accessories, and skill stone in the Engraving tab of the Character Profile window.

To activate more engraving or higher level effects, you need to get more engravings at 5, 10, or 15 nodes.

How to get engraving recipes

You need tons of engraving recipes to unlock the higher rarity of portable engraving effects, which are the main source of engraving nodes.

There are several different ways to get engraving recipes in the game, some easier and faster than others.

Here are the main ways to get engraving recipes, also known as engraving books, in Lost Ark:

  • Chaos Dungeons
  • guardian raids
  • nether dungeon
  • Pop tu honor
  • Auction house
  • Missions and missions on the island.
  • Events
  • Kock, Boss Rush y Torre

You will receive most of your engraving recipes after completing them.Chaos Dungeons,guardian raids, iAuction house.

If you had enough gold, you could theoretically buy all the engraving recipes you need right away, but they get pretty expensive when you start needing epic and legendary engraving recipe books.

Most of the content you'll do after reaching level 50, including main story and list quests, island quests, and endgame content, will give you etching recipes.

So if you haven't used any engraving recipes, but played through some of the content after reaching level 50, chances are you have a lot of bags and chests of engraving recipes waiting to be opened.

How to update the level of the engraving effect

There are two different levels when it comes to engraving effects in Lost Ark: the level or rarity of the portable engraving effects, and the level of the engraving effects themselves.

You can further increase the level of portable engraving effects to increase the number of nodes that give the engraving effect.

Here's an overview of how much it costs to upgrade portable engraving effects:

  • Locked -> Unlocked (Tier 1/Uncommon) = 20 Uncommon Engraving Recipes
  • Tier 1 (Uncommon) -> Tier 2 (Rare) = 20 Rare Engraving Recipes
  • Tier 2 (Rare) -> Tier 3 (Epic) = 20 Epic Engraving Recipes
  • Tier 3 (Epic) -> Tier 4 (Legendary) = 20 Legendary Engraving Recipes

Since you have to use a lot of recipes to upgrade the portable engraving effect to the next rarity, you can speed up the upgrade by using multiple recipes at the same time.

To use multiple recipes at once, hold down the Alt key and right-click a stack of recipes, select the number of recipes you want to use, and click OK. It will then use the number of selected recipes in a single animation.

If you have a lot of etching recipes scattered in stacks of one in your inventory, you can manually stack them and then use the same method to use them all at once.

To improve the level of an engraving's effect, and thus the amount of stat boost it provides, you need to carry more nodes of that engraving. Here is an overview:

engraving effect levelNumber of nodes required

The engraving effect activates and is at level 1 if your character is carrying at least 5 of the same engraving nodes.

When your character uses 10 of the same engraving nodes, your character gains the level 2 version of that engraving effect, and when he uses 15 of the same engraving nodes, your character gains the level 3 version of that engraving effect .

Any number of nodes you add to your character that don't have the etch effect at 5, 10, or 15 add no value. Any number of nodes greater than 15 also does not add value.

For example, if you have 7 Stronghold nodes, getting 2 more for a total of 9 doesn't make any difference.

Only when the number of nodes adds up to a new level milestone - 5, 10 or 15 - does it make a difference.

Engraving Effects Overview

There is a long list of engraving recipes in Lost Ark, each giving a unique effect.

There are two general types of etching effects in the game: combat bonus etchings and class bonus etchings.

Battle Bonus Engravingsthey are engraving effects shared by all classes and freely available to everyone.

Class Bonus Gravurethey are specific to the advanced class you are playing and can only be used by your advanced class.

All engravings in the game can be activated at levels 1, 2, and 3 by using at least 5, 10, or 15 knots of that engraving. Engravings give the same type of boost at each level, but the stat boost values ​​increase as the level increases.

Wearable Engravings can be unlocked and upgraded to Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary rarities, in which they give 3, 6, 9, and 12 knots when used.

You can find more information about the different levels of engravings and the rarity of portable engravings earlier in this guide.

Since class bonus engravings are specific to an advanced class, they usually tie in with that class's skills and abilities.identity skills, while Combat Bonus engravings refer to combat andcombat statisticsin general.

Lost Ark - Etch Effects Guide: How They Work, The Best, Wiki - Gamer Empire (3)

Each advanced class has two engraving effects that only they can use, meaning there are currently 30 engravings for bonus classes in Lost Ark.

There are currently 43 combat bonus engravings that each class can use, which means there are a total of 73 different engraving effects in the game.

You can see what each engraving effect does in Lost Ark by hovering over it in the game's Engraving Effect window, which can be accessed by pressing 'Alt+I' or via List and then Engraving Effect in the lower right menu.

You do not need to have the portable engraving effect activated to see the description of the engraving effect and the stat increases at each level. To view class bonus prints for other classes, uncheck the Show my work box on the Class Bonus tab.

What are the best engraving effects in Lost Ark?

With so many engraving effects in Lost Ark, which are the best ones to point and use?

In general, the best engraving effect to aim for is one of the unique engraving effects in its advanced class. Players often build their character around the class-exclusive engraving effect they choose to use.

For some classes it is possible to use both engravings that are unique to the class, but for most you should only use one.

Here are some of the best common etching effects to use in Lost Ark in no particular order:

engraving effectDescription
StubbornnessIncreased damage for bosses or higher monsters. Increased incoming damage.
a dagger of precisionIncreased critical rate. Reduced critical damage.
sharp blunt weaponIncreased critical damage. Chance of less damage.
damn dollAtk increased. Force. Reduced healing effects.
ExpertIncreased shield effectiveness and healing.
full attackSpeed ​​and damage are increased on grab and throw skills.
wake upThe cooldown of the Awakening skill has been reduced. Increased limit on the use of awakening abilities in PvE content.
ambush masterIncreased damage for successful attacks from behind.
raid captainIncreased damage based on movement speed bonus percentage.
AdrenalineDamage and critical rate buff based on skill stack.
hit the teacherDamage increased for non-back, frontal, and awaken attacks.
Spirit AbsorptionAtk increased. and Movement Speed.

Some engraving effects like Precise Dagger are much better at higher levels because the compensation is less. At level 1, Precise Dagger increases critical rate by +4% but reduces critical damage by 12%. At level 3, it only reduces critical damage by 12%, but increases critical rate by +20%.

While these are some of the best, it's hard to say which ones are best for you because it depends on your build.

There may be etching effects not listed above that would suit your build better than any of these.

However, many of the Lost Ark engravings are not that useful and will not be suitable for any type of construction. The above are a great option and will be suitable for many upgrades in the game.

Are the effects of engraving on the entire account?

Yes, the portable engraving effects in the Engraving Effect menu arelist level, which means they are shared with all characters on the same server.

Any engraving recipe you read on one character will benefit all other characters on the same server.

Characters on the same server, of course, do not share the engraving nodes a character gets from their worn accessories and skill stone, only the portable engraving effect progress.

Also, there's no point in choosing or buying class-exclusive etching recipes for a class you're not playing, so if you run an alternate character, you need to upgrade that class's exclusive etching effect.

How many engravings can you equip at once?

You can use two portable engraving effects from the Engraving Effect window at the same time. You can even use the same portable engraving effect twice by dragging it to both slots.

There is no direct limit to the number of different engraving effects you can activate for your character, although there is an indirect limit, as you cannot get more engraving nodes than you can from portable engraving effects, attachments, and skill stones. .

While you can technically trigger a ton of different engraving effects with the right node setup, it's usually best to focus on a few and push them to high levels.

What to do with recorded recipes you can't use

As you create your portable engraving effects, sometimes you'll end up with engraving recipe books that you can't use and therefore don't need.

For example, if you used 20 uncommon recipes to engrave a sharp and blunt weapon and you unlocked the rare version of that portable engrave effect, you can no longer use the uncommon version of that recipe, only rare and then epic and legendary.

When you can't use the engraving recipe, the only thing you can and should do with it is sell it to an auction house for gold.

However, not all engraving recipes are available for trading. Engraving recipes that you cannot use and cannot trade can only be sold to a vendor for a small amount of silver.

That's all you need to know about the engravings in the Lost Ark!

Do you have any comments or suggestions for this guide? Let us know in the comments section.

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