Lost Ark Sorceress Guide: How To Build A Sorceress (2023)

Lost Ark Sorceress Guide: How To Build A Sorceress– In this Lost Ark Sorceress Guide, I'll show you what it means to play as a Sorceress in terms of how good they are in combat, the best skills and stances they can focus on, and the playstyles available to them based on the Class. of gravure they choose. If you're looking for a mage who can cast a variety of ranged and elemental AoE spells while still being extremely mobile, then this Lost Ark Mage Guide is for you!

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The Sorceress of the Lost Ark is one of theNapredni razredithat falls lowKlasa maga. this is the lastClass, which replacedinvokerfor releasethe lost trunkin NA/EU regions. Like the Summoner, the Sorceress wields a wand to cast elemental spells such as fire, frost, and lightning. Also, they are one of the best classes for beginners due to the AoE and ranged capabilities of their spells.

  • The best magic-focused DPS for beginners
  • Visok DPS
  • It focuses on magic spells.
  • excellent mobility
  • Disrupt enemy tactics

As the Lost Ark Sorceress, you not only deal significant DPS against multiple enemies at once, but you can also prevent and disrupt their formations and strategies thanks to your highly versatile spells. Due to low HP as a classic mage, sorceresses should practice prodding targets from afar to identify the best approach against them. The good news is that they rely on their incredible agility, which allows them to dash from one point to another without taking any damage.

The role and identity of the Sorcerer class of the Lost Ark

The Sorceress of the Lost Ark is a pure ranged DPS class that deals high sustained or burst damage depending on the playstyle it's focused on. As a sorceress, they are flexible when it comes to that.Abilityrotations, often weakening and destroying enemies, especially mobs, with whatever spell they use. However, some of these spells have a long cast time, so it's critical to know the best time to activate them in order to damage as many targets as possible. And due to his low HP, it's also essential to balance spell usage with evasion in order to take the least amount of damage.

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All of the advanced classes in Lost Ark have unique characteristics or identities that set them apart from other classes. They can unleash more damage or enhance the buffs they grant. For the Lost Ark Sorceress, this is the ability to enter different magical states by filling up the magic meter. Once your Arcane Meter reaches 30%, you can use Arcane Rupture or Blink, both of which will end when the meter is completely depleted.

Arcane Rupture allows you to enter a magically enhanced state to deal additional damage while gaining Push Immunity Super Armor, preventing you from being knocked out. But it's important to remember that if you max out the Arcane Meter before activating Arcane Rupture, you instead enter the Arcane Torrent State. In the Arcane Torrent state, the elemental damage you deal with most abilities is greatly increased. Spells that deal damage have a shorter cast time and a shorter cooldown.

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However, this does not apply to ultimate and dodge skills. Fire spells deal more damage to weak points to break bosses' armor, while Lightning spells have a more effective stumble. Blink, on the other hand, is a mobility ability, which can be used offensively or defensively in that you are teleported to a chosen location within 15 meters of where you originally were. As you move, you'll be able to blast through bosses and gain immunity to attacks and debuffs.

Note that when any of these states is active, you will not gain Esoteric Energy. However, the moment you return to your normal state, you can start charging your Magick Meter again without having to wait a few seconds, unlikeShadow HunterShadow blast energy.

Lost Ark Sorceress Best Abilities and Tripods

By the time your Lost Ark Sorceress reaches level 60, you will unlock a total of 18 skills consisting of fire, frost, lightning, normal, and awakening skills. On top of this, he invested some points into Fire, Frost, Lightning, and Normal abilities to further specialize by unlocking his supports. The tripod system allows players to customize their abilities in various ways, such as increasing the arcane energy you gain or expanding the range of appropriate AoE spells. In total you only need 8 skills per character with the selected number of supports. In this section, I'll cover the essential Fire, Frost, Lightning, and Normal abilities and the tiers you should allocate points to no matter what playstyle you end up choosing.

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Tripods and Superior Mage Fire Skills

Lost Ark Sorceress Guide: How To Build A Sorceress (4)Radiance– Unlocked at Battle Level 10. Calls down a rectangular fire in front of you to not only damage enemies hit, but also instantly stun them and move them away from you. What makes Blaze much more effective against Push-Immune targets is the damage boost, flame spread, and weak spot detection. Damage Boost increases the damage you and your allies deal, while Flame Spread increases the area of ​​fire to affect nearby enemies and significantly increases the damage over time (DoT) of the spell. However, if you're playing solo, it's better to replace the damage amplification with Ignite. As a result, burn DoT is greatly increased, making targets much more vulnerable. If you come across lower or more challenging monster types, you can trade Weak Spot Detection for Eternal Flame to specifically buff the damage you deal against them.

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Lost Ark Sorceress Guide: How To Build A Sorceress (6)Burst– Unlocked at combat level 32. Summons a deadly fireball aimed at a line of enemies lined up in front of you. Explosive tripods to choose are Ignite, Weak Point Detection, and Magick Amplification to deal DOT when engaging pressure resistant targets and to maximize the damage you deal after entering Magick Enhanced or Arcane Torrent State.

Lost Ark Sorceress Guide: How To Build A Sorceress (7)Doomsday– Unlocked at Battle Level 50. Summons a giant meteor to destroy normal monsters while knocking them back and heavily damaging stronger enemies. To make Doomsday even scarier like its namesake, the best tripods to choose are Insight, Overheated Meteor, and Magick Amplification. This combo allows you to extend your range so you can cast it farther and deal as much damage as possible with Magick Amplification and Overheated Meteor, which also deals bonus damage multiple times.

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Sorceress Frost Superior Skills and Tripods

Lost Ark Sorceress Guide: How To Build A Sorceress (9)Frostov Point of View– Unlocked at Battle Level 10. Summons a barrage of icicles in an AoE to damage enemies multiple times over a period of time, as well as stagger them in the process. To make Frost's Call more effective, consider getting Enlightenment, Insight, and Enhanced Strike. Not only will you be able to greatly increase the damage you deal, but you will also increase the AoE radius and range of the spell. Your Magick Meter also accumulates more energy after hitting an enemy with Frost Summon. Alternatively, instead of getting stuck channeling Frost's call, you can trade Insight for Unstable Rule. This changes the skill's performance from Hold mode to Normal mode.

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Lost Ark Sorceress Guide: How To Build A Sorceress (11)seraph hello– Unlocked at combat level 10. Creates a massive wave that pushes enemies away from you while dealing massive damage. To make Seraphic Hail much more effective against knockback immune targets, you'll need to pick Enlightenment, Evolved Hail, and Weak Point Detection. Additionally, these tripods allow you to build up your Magick Meter faster and increase the total damage your Lost Ark Sorceress will deal as she attacks enemies multiple times.

Lost Ark Sorceress Guide: How To Build A Sorceress (12)frost arrow– Unlocked at Battle Level 28. Calls down a barrage of ice arrows to deal heavy damage within a rectangular area. The best Rime Arrow tripods to consider are the Enlightenment, Piercing Strike, and Ice Pick. With these upgrades, you gain additional esoteric energy, bypass your target's defense, and essentially deal over 50% more damage to destroy your target. Alternatively, you can trade Ice Pick for Frost Barage, which converts the ability to normal mode. Because of this, you can cast Rime Arrow faster so you're not as vulnerable to incoming attacks.

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If you find yourself in the middle of a fight more often than you'd like, you can also invest skill points into Ice Shower and replace any of the Frost Skills we've discussed. You will still be able to get esoteric energy as long as you get the lighting tripod.

Lost Ark Sorceress Guide: How To Build A Sorceress (14)ice shower– Unlocked at combat level 18. Damages nearby enemies by slamming the ground with his Frost abilities. What makes Ice Shower powerful are the Enlightenment, Enhanced Strike, and Frost Zone supports. Specifically, Frost Zone summons thorns around the AoE to increase the damage you deal. Before the spikes appear, make sure to get away from your targets so you can cast other spells to finally kill them.

Ultimate Sorceress Lightning and normal skills and tripods

Lost Ark Sorceress Guide: How To Build A Sorceress (15)punishment shot– Unlocked at Battle Level 14. Calls down lightning to deal massive damage to a large group of enemies while staggering them. The ideal Punishing Strike supports to choose from are Wide-Angle Attack, Destruction, and Magick Amplification. This combo increases the AoE of spells and increases the damage you deal while in Magick Enhanced or Arcane Torrent State.

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Lost Ark Sorceress Guide: How To Build A Sorceress (17)esoteric reaction– Unlocked at battle level 24. Creates a crystal that evolves twice, damaging enemies around it. After that, it explodes and deals massive damage. What makes Esoteric Reaction deadly are the Quick Prep, Enhanced Strike, and Shockwave tripods. They reduce the cooldown of the spell, extend the range of the explosion, and improve overall damage by more than 50%. For the Reflux playstyle, you need to swap out Enhanced Strike for Final Strike to increase your Critical Damage by 100%.

Sorceress Engravings and Stats

In Lost Ark, all advanced classes are unlockedgravurethat allow you to further specialize into your chosen class, as they grant special effects that you can activate by reading recipe books and equippingAccessoriesiskill stones. You can get them as random rewards by completing end activities likeKaosyo Abyss Dungeons, yoguardian raids.

In this section, I'll talk about the Sorceress of the Lost Ark engravings, which determine the playstyle you want to adopt for your character and are class-specific traits and abilities. You have access to it when you reach higher levels. The 2 class etchings available for Wizards are Reflux and Igniter. First, let's talk about the reflux class engraving or playstyle along withStatisticsthat accompanies it

Play Reflux Sorceress

Ebb trades massive burst damage when Arcane Rupture is disabled, for extreme mobility with Blink. This means that you will not be able to enter Magick Enhanced or Arcane Torrent State. As such, reaching Ebb Level 3 is important to increase the bonus damage you deal with all damaging spells except Awakening and Movement Skills, and to reduce their respective cooldowns.

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For the Blast, Doomsday, and Punishment Strike abilities that use Magic Boost Tripod, which uses Arcane Rupture, you can switch to Final Strike instead. This should greatly increase your critical damage when casting said spells. Also, if you get enough Arcane energy when it comes to all of the Frost abilities we've discussed, you can swap out Enlightenment for Chill to significantly reduce your target's attack and movement speed, or Quick Prep to reduce the cooldown of your ability. respective. .

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As for Reflux's combat stats, you should prioritize crit and then speed up when gearing up. This build maxes out his critical hit rate, as he will deal a lot of critical damage while taking advantage of his high mobility by increasing his attack speed and movement speed. Additionally, your cooldown rates will also be lower, allowing you to cast spells frequently.

Play Sorceress Lighter

Comparatively, Igniter is the more popular playstyle between the two, giving you constant access to Arcane Rupture as well as Magick Enhanced and Arcane Torrent States. When activated, the cooldown of your abilities is greatly halved, while your critical hit rate and critical hit damage are greatly increased. For Igniter Engraving, reaching level 3 should be your goal.Buildto take advantage of the cooldown, crit rate, and critical damage buffs.

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As for Igniter's combat stats, it's a good idea to focus on Specialization to take advantage of its damage efficiency when activating Arcane Rupture and speeding up the Arcane Energy buildup. You can then invest in Crit to further increase your crit rate and then the overall damage you deal.

final tips

As Sorceress of the Lost Ark, you will have a very satisfying experience because of how powerful your spells are, not only in dealing damage but also in disrupting enemy tactics. Fire spells are useful for breaking armor, Ice spells provide decent crowd control, and Lightning spells constantly stagger targets. Also, it is important to use your movement skills, especially when you are caught in the middle of a fight, otherwise you will die quickly and painfully. In PvP, the Sorceress remains as mobile as ever, jumping in and out of matches to test the waters against opponents. Assharpshooter, they are more than capable of skinning other players to protect their allies thanks in large part to ranged spells.

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To cast spells like Blast, Doomsday, and Punishing Strike, make sure to stagger enemies with Frost Summons or Seraph's Salute first. This gives you enough time to successfully activate any of the three spell casts. Additionally, you can also use them after activating Arcane Rupture to get the most out of your overall damage output.

Between Sorceress' Reflux and Igniter playstyles, the choice you make depends on whether or not you want to run a build that focuses more on high mobility and better damage resistance, or less mobility for high burst damage. Ultimately, both Class Engravings are viable in the end, so be sure to experiment with them to see which works best for you.

Finally, and similar torevolverIf you are losing too much HP or dying a lot with the Igniter playstyle, consider investing points in Swiftness to improve your Lost Ark Sorceress's movement and attack speed. Doing so will increase your character's attack and movement speed, allowing you to cover greater distances while dodging oncoming attacks.

Stay tuned for moreLost Ark Class Guidesand be sure to check out oursThe Lost Ark Wikior stop by our storecontraction channelif you have any questions about the game. What do you think of this Lost Ark Sorceress Tutorial? What advanced class are you planning to try first? Let us know in the comments below!

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