Patch Notes for Total War Warhammer 3 Update 3.0 (2023)

Total War Warhammer 3 Update 3.0 is available for download on PC players. AccordingWarhammer 3 Official Patch Notes, the latest update addsChaos Dwarf Forgecampaign package. Furthermore, this TWW3 update 3.0 also includes a long list of bug fixes and changes.

Previously,Warhammer 3 update 2.1added brand newimmortal realmsgameplay, Blood for the Blood God and more. Unfortunately, since the last patch, players are experiencing issues with the game. Today's patch 3.0 for Total War Warhammer 3 will address some of these issues.

See more details below.


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Total War Warhammer 3 Patch Notes 3.0 - April 13, 2023

Patch Notes for Total War Warhammer 3 Update 3.0 (1)

Here are some of the highlights of Update 3:

  • This will be a little surpriseChaos Dwarf Forgehas arrived in WARHAMMER III!
  • However, you could fight through time in a series of challenging trials to unlock the Demon Prince's unique equipment and change reality to your will.mirror of madnessreleaseHOY, forFREE, for all players!
  • Strengthen the Empire and Kislev with our new free legendary hero,Ulrika Magdova!
  • Mix things up in your campaigns with new onesrandomization function. Roll the dice with which race and legendary lord you will start a new adventure.
  • Stay informed with some new additions to tooltips, allowing you to easily drill down to specific elements and details.
  • The real goal withnew field of view settingsalong with a host of AI tweaks and battle map improvements to improve the responsiveness of your armies.
  • Experience the new swing of balance changes across Bretonnia, Dark Elves, Grand Cathay, Greenskins, and more!
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  • Fixed an issue where modded/custom characters would crash when opening the Recruit Lord/Hero UI.
  • Fixed a soft crash when attempting to declare war on a player faction with which you have diplomatic negotiations pending.
  • FPS drops when the Province tab is open should no longer occur.
  • Fixed a potential crash when entering battle due to troop removal upon exiting the campaign.
  • Fixed a crash at the end of a move when Gotrek died at an inappropriate time, causing a memory access issue.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when Siege Towers landed on adjacent wall sections that are perpendicular to each other.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when the game contained provincial governorship data for factions that did not own a provincial capital.


  • Fixed an issue where modded/custom characters would crash when opening the Recruit Lord/Hero UI.
  • Fixed a soft crash when attempting to declare war on a player faction with which you have diplomatic negotiations pending.
  • FPS drops when the Province tab is open should no longer occur.
  • Fixed a potential crash when entering battle due to troop removal upon exiting the campaign.
  • Fixed a crash at the end of a move when Gotrek died at an inappropriate time, causing a memory access issue.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when Siege Towers landed on adjacent wall sections that are perpendicular to each other.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when the game contained provincial governorship data for factions that did not own a provincial capital.


  • In Walled Settlement battles, AI units will no longer return to a nearby entry point or disrupt artillery units attempting to reform.
  • Updated the way raid groups of AI units are deployed in Walled Settlement battles to better utilize units capable of attacking gates.
  • Fixed an issue in siege battles where attacking AI artillery units would continue to advance when they should have remained stationary to fire.
  • Artillery units targeting breaches will now move more reliably if they are unable to successfully fire at the target.
  • AI units are less likely to group up, but instead remain coordinated after entering a walled settlement.
  • Fixed cases where the AI ​​thought their units were at full health when they weren't.
  • Fixed an issue where a group of units would stop to prepare instead of charging.
  • Fixed an issue in settlement battles where the riding AI master would become indecisive and get stuck moving around.
  • In settlement battles, priority analysis of area AI units within the settlement has been improved. This makes AI units prioritize capturing/recapturing capture points more reliably.
  • Fixed an issue in settlement battles where a defending AI unit remains inactive after morale drops and runs away instead of re-engaging player units. The units would remain hidden from the player, causing the player to lose the battle due to time running out.
  • Fixed an issue where the AI ​​would assign multiple Rams to the same Gate Strike Group, causing additional Rams to be dropped.
  • Groups of wall-breaking AI units no longer share wall-breaking objectives with other groups of nearby units. This fixes an issue where units were not targeting the closest available wall sections.
  • Updated flanking AI for better handling of flying units.
  • In settlement battles, when an attacking army is controlled by AI, it will more consistently deploy to a nearby reinforcement drop-off location and wait for reinforcements before continuing.
  • Improved logic involved in determining how many breakouts the AI ​​will try to make before pending units start entering settlements. This will reduce the chance of AI units sitting idle outside of settlements.
  • Fixed an issue where AI units attacking a settlement gate would abandon their attack, leaving units with no other means of entering the settlement stranded outside during battle.


  • Adjusted strategic threat calculations for Immortal Realms. Direct actions against the faction are now much more important in that calculation, and the importance of distance scaling has been increased, improving how the AI ​​will select the most relevant threats.
  • Additional changes have been made to AI recruitment priorities to favor higher value units. Also, the AI ​​will give more weight to building a recruiting building if it is.without one.
  • Fixed several cases where the AI ​​would try to enter invalid positions, resulting in attempts to perform moves that were not valid.
  • Fixed AI control option for allied armies not showing up when attacked by the enemy.
  • Fixed cases where the AI ​​was trying to apply commands to provinces it didn't own.
  • Fixed a bug that meant the AI ​​became less likely (rather than more) to spawn a peace treaty the further away the objective was.
  • All factions now care about their strategic situation when generating the objective of declaring war.
  • Improved AI performance in the first round of the game.
  • Minor AI factions should now be more accepting of vassalage.
  • Fixed some cases where the AI ​​trying to calculate the strength of the force would result in incorrect behavior.
  • Reduced the distance required to apply the maximum distance modifier on both job creation and evaluation.
  • Declaring war on factions of the same subculture is now less likely for the High Elf Commander, Empire Commander, and all Lizardmen factions.
  • All factions now take war losses into account when evaluating a peace deal. Previously, Skaven Majors, Dwarfs, and Tomb Kings were not.


  • Lamps on Dark Elf battle maps.
  • Stalls, tents, tables, and other destructible goods in the Bretonnia and Grand Cathy markets.
  • Ogre Kingdoms environmental objects (usually those on the ground like bones and carts).
  • Various building towers on the Shang-Yang map.
  • Small destructible terrain pieces throughout the game that were especially damaging to gunpowder units.
  • Wall collision on dwarven maps.


  • Updated platform barricade building collisions to allow for increased line of sight and firing for attached missile units.
  • Updated and fixed logic on various buildings to prevent them from being hit by artillery on battle maps, throughout the game.


  • The colors of the Chaos Troll and Armored Chaos Troll factions are no longer misaligned in the 2D window.
  • Fixed floating assets plaguing Naggarond.
  • Reworked wagons to prevent them from colliding with each other.
  • Characters no longer vibrate with excitement when their character's flag is clicked while moving.
  • Lion of Corruption mounts will now correctly appear on the campaign map.
  • Fixed issues with holes in the terrain when in tactical camera view on various battle maps.
  • Fixed some floating assets in the Dragon Isles settlement, Dread Rock.
  • Leveled the ground in the Skull Road area of ​​the campaign map.
  • Norscan Monster Hunt Cygor now properly fits within the 2D viewport.
  • The Bretonnian Peasant Mob, Grail Relique, Battle Pilgrims, and Men-At-Arms faction colors are no longer misaligned on the 2D panel.
  • Fixed High Elf Mistwalker Skyhawks, Spire Guard, Sentinels, and Archer units having mismatched faction colors in the 2D window.
  • Fixed Knights of Tor Gaval units missing faction colors on the 2D panel.
  • Greenskins Black Orc faction colors are no longer misaligned on the 2D panel.
  • Fixed some visual effects for Hellcannon.
  • Smoothed out pre-battle screen textures for some dwarven battles.
  • Fixed Norscan banner texture issues.
  • Cassandra's Comet effect now has the correct texture detail.
  • Fixed a two-way waterfall in the Morn Mountains province.
  • Fixed terrain clipping near Serpent Gate in Immortal Realms.
  • Fixed terrain blending issues around the Urskoy River region.
  • Fixed some hover issues around the starting location of Vilitch the Curseling.
  • Added missing 2D windows for RoR units from update 2.3.0.
  • Great Bray Shaman will now dismember correctly.
  • Shuffled the terrain around the Darklands and fixed various issues with nearby assets.
  • Fixed the various destroyed Tomb Kings settlements to be in the correct ratio.
  • Reduced the range of some large Norscan and Lizardmen assets.
  • Various standing poses have been adjusted to create a smoother loop between other stationary animations.
  • The sword in the Blood Dragon Vampire Lord's left hand now remains visible during casting animations.
  • Fixed multiple instances of floating texture textures on outer fields.
  • Fixed stretching trees and various float issues on Sky Mask.
  • Fixed the direction of the barricades during the defense of the Ogra settlement.
  • Added additional lava to cover gaps in Chaos Wastes.
  • Fixed floating rocks, cliff elements, bush detail, terrain mixing issues, and terrain gaps in Chaos Wastes.
  • Fixed issues with fixed floating assets in Bretonnia Hills.
  • Weapons are now properly attached during Goblin Wolf Rider's melee attacks.
  • Fixed water mixing issues in Beast Kingdom.
  • Fixed floating assets around the Temple of Skulls settlement.
  • Fixed issues with floating rocks near the Tower of Torment.
  • Waldenhof no longer floats on the campaign map.
  • Bloodfire Falls now has the correct terrain around it on the campaign map.
  • River crossings no longer have smaller bounding boxes that make them invisible in certain positions.
  • Fixed water looking like a gray mesh around Karak Kadrin as it now flows and has water textures.
  • Fixed issues with floating assets in the Valaya Relic quest battle.
  • Fixed Dwarven settlement ownership instructions at numerous locations on the campaign map.
  • Problems with fixed floating assets near the Urskoy River.
  • Fixed issues where Karak Ungor and Khazid Irkulaz were facing the wrong direction on the campaign map.
  • Fixed flickering mist when moving through the Ogre Kingdom region.
  • Fixed issues with lava material in the Dragon Armor of Aenarion quest battle.
  • Fixed a map collision over Gryphon Wood on the campaign map.
  • Improved the transparency of shallow water in the Badlands desert.
  • Fixed an issue with terrain in Eataine where you could land through cliffs instead of on the beach.
  • Fixed floating property in the Cathay Mountains.
  • Combined terrain in Lustrija to fix texture issues.
  • Fixed terrain issues on the Lizardmen Badlands campaign map.
  • Fixed terrain issues with Manfred's corruption.
  • Fixed some campaign map issues around Lahmia that caused your army to disappear into the mountains.
  • Removed floating assets around Kislev.
  • Fixed an issue where armies would disappear when switching to Myrmidens.
  • Fixed floating assets around Ekrund.
  • Fixed floating trees around Lost Plateau.
  • Fixed some field issues where Undivided Corruption was present.
  • Fixed various issues with armies falling on the Realms of Chaos campaign map.
  • Adjusted the position of the shield so that it remains anchored to the hand during casting animations.
  • Fixed multiple rendering of some region border segments.
  • Fixed gear clipping issues on dwarven buildings.
  • Fixed missing VFX for vampire ghosts on the campaign map.


  • Fixed an issue where interacting with the ruins with a Lord could cause the incorrect Voice of the Lord (VO) to launch.
  • Music now plays when opening the story panel.
  • Fixed some door opening/closing sounds not triggering correctly.
  • Fixed VO spam for recruiting when interacting with the recruiting panel.
  • Some characters in Champions of Chaos did not play selected voice lines when part of an allied faction; this has now been fixed.
  • Fixed missing sound when selecting battle type in ranked multiplayer.
  • Fixed some Lords and Heroes (mainly Chaos Champions) not having sound correctly focused on them when the camera is close.
  • Fixed the Red Cloud Greenskin faction using the wrong Diplomacy VO.
  • Fixed missing animation sounds for the Herald of Khorne when placed on the Throne of Blood.
  • Fixed missing Eltherion animation sounds when mounted.
  • Karl Franz's collecting attitude lacked weaponswheezingsound. now he canwheezingas he wants. And if you've read every word of these Patch Notes up to this point, we encourage you to treat yourself.wheezingIt is!
  • Fixed missing sound in Throt the Unclean campaign animations when riding the Brood Horror horse.
  • Fixed all missing Imrik campaign animation sounds.
  • Fixed missing sound from Lyonesse's Repanse during campaign map mounted animations.
  • Fixed missing sounds for Luthor Harkon's prowl stance in campaign.
  • Fixed missing sound for Arkhan the Black's Gathering Stance.
  • Fixed missing sound for Rakarth and Beastmaster attack animations.
  • Fixed missing sound for cultists placed in war shrines.
  • Fixed missing death sounds for Herald of Nurgle and Plagueridden when placed on the palanquin.
  • Fixed missing sound for Boris Ursus when mounted on Warbear.
  • Fixed the VO in the Eltharion Campaign UI panel having too much echo.
  • Fixed some missing sounds when selecting faction markers in the Narrative Browser.
  • Karl Franz now has custom cinematic weapon sounds.
  • Fixed missing Heartseekers rider animation sounds.
  • Fixed various characters from WARHAMMER I and II not triggering sounds or triggering incorrect sounds during the campaign.
  • Eshin Mages now play vocalizations during their animations.
  • Fixed previously silent High Elf Pillar support.
  • Fixed the sound effects of the Alter Tower props on the Shrine of Ill quest battle map.
  • Added some wind sound markers to wells on the Karak Eight Peaks battle map.
  • Fixed some audio issues about the crater near Sky Mask.
  • Stonehorn's VO is now stronger in combat.
  • Added a much-needed squeak to the wooden bridge on the Lustria Lakes gank map.
  • Gyrocopters and Gyrobombers now trigger a corresponding audio event.
  • Fixed animation sounds for non-entities not using their ranged kill in combat.
  • Battle music transitions will now follow the same slant rules as other battle music, making them blend better.
  • Slaanesh broke WD40 and improved the smoothness of his Chariot's spinning wheels.
  • Battles will now play the winning faction's music for the losing faction.
  • Enemy declarations of war will now trigger the music of the aggressor faction.
  • Fixed some missing Lord of Change animation sounds.
  • Fixed missing lightning sounds on Kholek and Dragon Ogre Shaggoth.
  • Fixed incorrectly assigned party vocalization for Orcs and Goblins in Waaagh! military capacity.
  • Non-WARHAMMER III factions will play music for their Win/Draw/Loss title after battles.
  • Reduced the amount of time units will play context-sensitive voice lines, so mages will now stop casting their spells within a reasonable amount of time.
  • Fixed an issue where SFX would not play on certain events in the endgame scenario.
  • Music will increase the dynamic response to events in battles, such as hero defeat and AoE spell casting.
  • After receiving a stern warning, Durthu will now use his inner voice on the campaign map.
  • Ambush battles will no longer start with the wrong music.
  • Fixed excessive reverb in VO when closing the Forge of Daith and Ikit's Workshop UI panels.
  • Gotrek and Felix now have proper audio tagging on the campaign map once unlocked.
  • Fixed missing UI sounds for Plague of Nurgle recipes.
  • Fixed missing UI sounds in Silent Sanctum.
  • Fixed the Karak Eight Peaks Campaign UI button not making a sound when clicked.
  • Harpy's response vocalization will now trigger correctly.
  • The unique sounds of vampire settlements, bells for example, were too often rung in battle and have been tamed ever since.
  • Fixed missing sound in Cathay Rice Fields.
  • Hellcannon's crew now activates VO when separated from Hellcannon.
  • Added UI sound to unlock military abilities in battle through the factions mechanic.


The missile block icon has been improved. Now uses a unified icon that better fits the overall style of the game.

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Check it out in the image below (next to the armor value):

Patch Notes for Total War Warhammer 3 Update 3.0 (2)Patch Notes for Total War Warhammer 3 Update 3.0 (3)

Bronze, Silver, and Gold shields will continue to display separately.

user interface


Added sticky tooltips to many in-game items!

Highlights: Tech, Skill, Build and Unit cards. This new tooltip allows you to inspect your items after they get stuck. Elements visible within this tooltip will be marked with an eye icon. The appear, stay and hide time of the sticky tooltip can be changed in the options menu.

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Additionally, tooltips for effects that apply to specific units now display the unit cards of the relevant units.

  • Added "Enable All" and "Disable All" buttons to the campaign notification menu.
  • The campaign race list now fills the rows first instead of the columns. This is consistent with other race lists (Unit Browser, Custom Battle, etc.)
  • Fixed missing icon during barricade loading screen hints.
  • Fixed an issue where event notifications could not be displayed until you mouse over them in the event list.
  • Fixed an issue where events in the Sea region had placeholder event images for some factions.
  • Fixed an issue where background images in campaign selections would not scale correctly for ultra-wide screens.
  • Tooltips for searched content have been treated as fixed tooltips to make them easier to hover over.
  • The missing special port icon has been reintroduced next to settlements with special port buildings.
  • Rewards for time missions with 10 or more moves are no longer clipped.
  • Fixed missing border in build viewer at higher resolutions.
  • Fixed an issue where certain heroes would have a placeholder icon when joining an army.
  • Fixed end game scenario indicators clipping into campaign names in the multiplayer game browser.
  • Settlements marked for conversion no longer display notices about damaged buildings and buildings.
  • Fixed a text UI component that was preventing the "Continue" button from being clicked on the loading screen in a small number of cases.
  • Fixed the event notification for an ally occupying a destroyed settlement of the War Coordination objective to not display the placeholder rebel faction.
  • Fixed tooltip for unit missile lock ability and other unit stats showing incorrect values.
  • Fixed hero quest cursors sometimes missing the down arrow image, causing a placeholder image to appear over the hero.
  • Fixed Regiment of Renown stats displaying higher when viewed than actual stats when recruited.
  • The unit stat icon tooltip no longer intermittently closes in combat.
  • All Legendary Heroes now display their custom brief description when recruited.
  • Rank items no longer overlap with character portraits in the event list.
  • Fixed an issue where certain contact phase effects would not display in the unit info panel on affected units.
  • Fixed transparent textures in the Select Race panel and Unit and Spell Browser menu.
  • Winds of Magic reserve capacity is now displayed in the tooltip.
  • Missroll chance bonuses are now displayed correctly in the combat UI.
  • Fixed missing placeholder icon for effects that grant a province development point.
  • Warhammer 3 Update 3.0 fixed unit stat icons sometimes having invalid values ​​in the tooltip. Invalid blocking opportunity, etc.
  • Improved pre-battle screen mix for Bretonnia battles.
  • The number of owned settlements is now displayed when interacting with factions in Diplomacy.
  • Fixed building demolition tooltip displaying incorrect text.
  • Stopped defeated factions from spawning on the infamous Vampire Coast roster in multiplayer.
  • Fix unit stat comparisons in the character details panel showing outside of the list bounds when the list is scrolled down.
  • Ambush military forces with Waaagh! the army will no longer display the 'Ambusher Discovered' event twice.
  • Fixed the Outpost icon below the Allies and Vassals list in the War Coordination Panel not updating its status when the Outpost was built.
  • The Warhammer 3 3.0 update fixed the character details panel sometimes not closing when the ESC key was pressed.
  • Norsca Monstrous Arcanum can now be closed with the ESC key.


  • Storyboards can now be viewed from within the Movie Viewer, which has been renamed Narrative Viewer to better reflect its purpose.


  • Added 11 new achievements focused on the free release DLC Mirror of Madness with the 3.0 update.Shhhh, you haven't seen them before.


  • Adjusted the POL location for the 'Bone Plane' on the parchment map.
  • Fixed magic item texts and utility bugs not displaying on items equipped by other characters.
  • Fixed adversary agreement text in Diplomacy HUD not localizing to languages ​​other than English.
  • Updated the parchment map name locations for 'The Abyssal Glacier' and 'The Southern Wastes' for all languages.
  • Total War Warhammer 3 patch 3.0 fixed an issue within the tooltip that caused labels identifying "free" content to be truncated.
  • Fixed tooltip not updating when dragging and dropping a new tooltip to replace an existing one.
  • Removed irrelevant and incorrect faction text that could appear during declaration of war.
  • Changed the local POL names for "South Rim of the World Mountains" and "South Rim of the World Mountains" on the parchment map to display correctly.

Download the Total War Warhammer 3 Update 3.0 for free on your PC.

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Does Kislev save Ursun? ›

The leaders of Kislev mourn the loss of Ursun, believing that with their God dead, Kislev will fall. However, Ursun is revived by their devotion, and with his roar, he puts an end to Kislev's endless winter. This is considered the canonical ending.

What is the right ultra graphic to play Total War: Warhammer 3? ›

The recommended resolution for the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti graphics card here is 1080p, which it can run Total War: Warhammer 3 reliably at Ultra resolutions. In summary, if you are looking to play Total War: Warhammer 3 in Ultra then you have come with the right graphics card.

Is Total War: Warhammer 3 moddable? ›

Update 3.0 for Total War: Warhammer 3 has brought lots of exciting changes and free content to the strategy game – alongside the highly-anticipated Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs DLC.

What is the best resolution for Total War: Warhammer 3? ›

In summary, 1440p resolution shows itself to be the optimum performance vs visuals for the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. While it can certainly get a strong 1080p Ultra of 66 FPS, if you want to move up to 1440p on Total War: Warhammer 3 then we can see 1440p Low setting getting 132 FPS or the Medium returning 104 FPS.

Is Kislev Poland or Russia? ›

In the Warhammer universe, Kislev is both the name for a city near the chaos wastes and the country in which it resides. Kislev is modelled after a combination of 16th century Russia and Poland-Lithuania. In the Dragonlance universe, Kislev (or Chislev) represents the godly force of instinct.

Is Kislev Russian or Polish? ›

Kislev is primarily inspired by the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Russia of the 16th and 17th centuries, with its name likely derived from the city of Kiev.

What is the most op race in Total War: Warhammer 3? ›

The Exiles of Khorne take the prize as the strongest faction in Total War: Warhammer 3. Despite their lack of ranged and magical options, the armies of Khorne sweep the field with their devastating melee abilities.

Is Warhammer 3 CPU or GPU heavy? ›

All in all, Total War: Warhammer III does not require high-end CPUs. However, it does require powerful GPUs, even for gaming at 1080p or 1440p. And, its overall performance feels a bit questionable. The good news here is that since this is a slow-paced strategy game, it feels quite smooth even at 50fps.

Is Total War: Warhammer 3 noob friendly? ›

“So as a noob, rest assured that if you were to buy and play Warhammer 3 to start with, that's the very best game to learn naturally and with a lot of fun,” Roxburgh concluded.

Will Total War: Warhammer 3 have Skaven? ›

Skittering and leap fellow Ratlings, the Empires of the man-things on the surface have gotten larger thanks to the Immortal Empires update for Total War: Warhammer 3. The locations prime for Undercities and Skaven Kingdoms are now more varied and bigger than ever before.

What is SFO Grimhammer 3? ›

verhaul: Grimhammer III is a total overhaul mod that changes every aspect of the TW: WH III to be closer to the lore and Warhammer universe. This mod contains all campaign and battles changes. Do not require any other mods or even DLC to give you full SFO experience.

What CPU and GPU is best for Warhammer 3? ›

  • ASUS ROG Strix RTX 3080 12GB.
  • Gigabyte RTX 3080 Ti Gaming OC 12G.
  • Gigabyte RTX 3080 Gaming OC 10G.
  • ASUS TUF AMD Radeon RX 6500 XT.
  • Sapphire Pulse AMD Radeon RX 6600.
  • ASRock Radeon RX 6600 XT.
  • Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti.
  • ASUS Dual RTX 3050 OC.
Jan 11, 2023

What is the most demanding setting in Warhammer 3? ›

The most demanding graphics option in TW Warhammer 3 is Shadow Detail at a 47.01% FPS cost. Next are VFX Detail and Anti-Aliasing at 26.92% and 26.32% respectively, almost half of Shadow Detail.

What does Kislev stand for? ›

Kis·​lev ˈki-sləf. : the third month of the civil year or the ninth month of the ecclesiastical year in the Jewish calendar see Months of the Principal Calendars Table.

Is Kislev based on Ukraine? ›

Kislev (the name of which probably derives from the Ukrainian city of Kiev) has seen many renditions through the editions of Warhammer Fantasy. It is largely moulded upon medieval Russia and Poland.

Is Poland Slavic or not? ›

Polish is a Western Slavic language spoken by approximately 38 million people within Poland. Polish speakers can also be found throughout the globe, especially in hubs of the Polish diaspora such as Chicago, London and New York.

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White Russian émigrés were Russians who emigrated from the territory of the former Russian Empire in the wake of the Russian Revolution (1917) and Russian Civil War (1917–1923), and who were in opposition to the revolutionary Bolshevik communist Russian political climate.

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The Russians (Russian: русские, romanized: russkie) are an East Slavic ethnic group indigenous to Eastern Europe, who share a common Russian ancestry, culture, and history.

Is Kislev 29 or 30 days? ›

In a regular (כסדרן) year, Cheshvan has 29 days and Kislev has 30 — consistent with the pattern of the lengths of the other months, and there are a total of 354 days (384 in a leap year).

Who is the best god in total Warhammer 3? ›

Total War: Warhammer 3 - Best Legendary Lords, Ranked
  1. 1 Imrik (High Elves)
  2. 2 Skarbrand (Khorne) ...
  3. 3 Be'lakor, The Dark Master (Daemons Of Chaos) ...
  4. 4 Archaon The Everchosen (Warriors Of Chaos) ...
  5. 5 Kholek Suneater (Warriors Of Chaos) ...
  6. 6 Durthu (Wood Elves) ...
  7. 7 Taurox The Brass Bull (Beastmen) ...
  8. 8 Tyrion (High Elves) ...
Dec 18, 2022

What is the most evil race in Warhammer? ›

1. The Drukhari. Finally we come to what is not only the most evil race in 40K, but one of the most evil races in all of fiction. Unlike their Craftworld's Aeldari cousins, those who would become the Drukhari saw no need to curb the debauchery and excess that dominated their society.

Is RTX 3060 good for Warhammer 3? ›

To summarise, Total War: Warhammer 3 works very well with a GeForce RTX 3060 Mobile. While it can comfortably perform at 1080p we know it is best served at 1440p resolutions and could possibly go up to 4K with some settings adjustments.

What computer is best for Warhammer 3? ›

Reign for Total War: Warhammer III
  • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 7600.
  • GPU: MSI RTX 3060 TI Ventus 2X OC 8GB.
  • RAM: 32GB Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR5 EXPO.
  • Storage: 2TB WD Blue HDD.
  • Storage: 500GB WD Blue SN570 NVMe.
  • Operating System: Windows 11 Home.

Is 8GB RAM enough for Warhammer 3? ›

Moving up to the Total War: Warhammer 3 recommended system requirements, an Intel Core i5-6600 or AMD Ryzen 5 2600X processor with 8GB of RAM should help bolster your rig.

What age should you start playing Warhammer? ›

Is there an age limit for Warhammer World? Games Workshop's miniatures and games are intended for age 12 +, but visitors of any age are welcome! Our ticketed events give details for any age guidelines or restrictions where necessary. Visitors 16 and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.

Is Warhammer a AAA game? ›

Lurkit launches global Creator Program with anticipated AAA game title Warhammer 40,000: Darktide.

What is the easiest Total War to get into? ›

This largely depends on your personal preference, however there are four that I would suggest as good starting points, Medieval 2, Empire, Shogun 2, or Rome 2. Medieval 2 is a good place to start because the game is fairly intuitive, the units make sense, and the necessary tactics for victory are not overly complex.

Will Warhammer 3 have Immortal Empires? ›

At least two of these changes are especially significant, with the most recent perhaps being the most dramatic: Immortal Empires is now playable by anyone who owns Total War: Warhammer 3. Where previously you needed to own all three games in the series on the same platform, all you technically need now is Game Pass.

Can you liberate factions Warhammer 3? ›

After conquering a region, the liberate option will create a new faction in that region based on the original owning faction. That original faction must have already been destroyed. Compatible with most other mods, save game compatible.

What happens when you confederate in Warhammer 3? ›

At its core, Confederation in this Warhammer game allows a faction to “absorb” another faction into its wing, provided they are of the same race. If successful, the absorbed party ceases to exist while settlements, units, items, and ancillaries become the belonging of the player.

Are there female Skaven? ›

A Rat Mother, sometimes called a Breeder, or Broodmother, is the only known type of Skaven female, a creature birthed only to serve her species as a bloated, baby-making factory. Each Rat Mother weighs at least 700 pounds and measures 10 feet long from snout to tail.

Who is the most powerful Skaven in Warhammer? ›

Warlord Queek Headtaker

Raised from birth to be the ultimate Skaven warrior, he's a bloodthirsty savage, renowned for his fiery temper and ability to survive any battle he's thrown into. He has been trained all his life for martial perfection, assassination attempts being used as regular tests.

Is Lord Skrolk blind? ›

Despite his seeming blindness, Skrolk's reflexes are amazing. He can catch a fly out of the air -- or rather, he could if any flies were able to enter the aura that emanates from his loathsome hide.

Who is the old man in Warhammer 3? ›

The Advisor is an elderly, blind Human male who is a mysterious agent of Tzeentch, the Chaos God of change and intrigue.

Do you keep seduced units Warhammer 3? ›

Seduced units will fight on your side exactly as though they were under your control for the duration of the battle. If the enemy army is destroyed, the seduced unit will permanently join your army. Otherwise, it returns to its original owner's control after the fight.

Is all of SFO connected? ›

The terminals are all connected in a loop — Terminal 1 – Terminal 2 – Terminal 3 – International Terminal G – International Terminal A – Terminal 1 — although ongoing construction work may prevent you from walking between some terminals.

What GPU can run AAA games? ›

Nvidia's mainstream GeForce GTX 1660 aims for gamers who need solid 60fps-plus performance with AAA games at 1080p, and even higher frame rates for esports titles.

What is a good FPS for Warhammer 3? ›

The FPS performance of the RTX 3070 in Total War Warhammer 3 at 1080p is really good, achieving well over 100fps up to High graphics settings and dipping down to just 90fps on Ultra settings. This shows the RTX 3070 is perfect for playing TW Warhammer 3 on Ultra graphics settings at 1080p resolution.

Is Warhammer 3 graphics better than 2? ›

But playing both games right now, it is night and day. I made many popular graphic mods for Warhammer 2, i know everything about its graphics, looked at every angle of every map at max settings for years. I can tell 100% that Warhammer 3 looks like next gen compared to 2.

Why is Warhammer 3 so laggy? ›

An outdated driver can also trigger the Total War Warhammer 3 FPS drop, lag, and stuttering issues. To update your driver, you can download the latest graphics driver update using the Windows Optional update feature.

What are the strongest ranged units in Warhammer 3? ›

Sisters of Avelorn: The Sisters of Avelorn are one of the best-ranged units in the whole game, obviously in the hands of an Elven race. They carry armor-piercing arrows that also do magic and flaming damage.

How do I make Warhammer 3 run smoothly? ›

Here are the items we recommend keeping at a high(ish) setting:
  1. Texture Filtering.
  2. Tree Detail.
  3. Unit Detail.
  4. Texture Quality.
  5. Terrain Detail.
  6. Sharpening.
Feb 21, 2022

How long will Warhammer 3 be supported? ›

Creative Assembly have been clear that Total War Warhammer III will continue to be supported in 2023 and beyond, though at this time the studio is not prepared to reveal further DLC or content plans for the game. You can join the discussion on Total War Warhammer III's 2022 content roadmap on the OC3D Forums.

What graphics card is best for Total War: Warhammer 3? ›

  • ASUS ROG Strix RTX 3080 12GB.
  • Gigabyte RTX 3080 Ti Gaming OC 12G.
  • Gigabyte RTX 3080 Gaming OC 10G.
  • ASUS TUF AMD Radeon RX 6500 XT.
  • Sapphire Pulse AMD Radeon RX 6600.
  • ASRock Radeon RX 6600 XT.
  • Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti.
  • ASUS Dual RTX 3050 OC.
Feb 24, 2023

Is Warhammer 3 GPU intensive? ›

Warhammer 3 is a very Graphics intensive game, so will utilise your GPU to the Max if you let it. Limiting the fps to 60 would instantly bring the temps down. Select something that feels smooth/doesn't cause screen tearing and has a GPU load of ~80-90 % .

Is Ursun Bear the god of Kislev? ›

Ursun, also known as the "Great Bear," or "Father Bear," is the god of bears and strength and the patron god of the Tzardom of Kislev. His worship was first introduced to that realm by the Gospodars, but bears are such a major part of Kislevite life that the religion was absorbed almost instantly.

What happens if you lose the Kislev race? ›

If you lose, you gain -50 relations to all Kislev factions if you haven't confederated already. During the race you should not be able to become military allies with your opponent only trade and have military access.

What happened to Kislev in the end times? ›

Kislev is overrun and almost entirely obliterated by the forces of Chaos with Erengrad the only major city left standing. The northern border of the Empire becomes a major battleground, with Imperial forces led by the Emperor and Vilitch the Curseling being the most successful of the fractious northern hordes.

Who is the best legendary lord in Kislev? ›

Boris is the strongest melee Lord of the Kislev army and is best suited to assisting his War Bear Riders in dispatching Large enemy units.

Is Kislev weak? ›

Kislev's frontline troops are solid, but with the exception of the Tzar Guard, they aren't the best damage dealers - especially when up against more melee focused factions like Khorne. Ice Guard can deal great damage in melee, but low armor and defense means they aren't suited to line holding.

What is the strongest race in wh3? ›

The Exiles of Khorne take the prize as the strongest faction in Total War: Warhammer 3. Despite their lack of ranged and magical options, the armies of Khorne sweep the field with their devastating melee abilities.

Can you play something rotten in Kislev solo? ›

Whereas Darkness and Disharmony functions as a combative free for all experience, Something Rotten In Kislev is much more cooperative, requiring up to three players to work together to defend Kislev, and you cannot currently begin a single-player version of the campaign.

Can Kislev confederate the empire? ›

You can only confederate factions of the same race. For example, playing as Kislev, you can only confederate with other Kislev factions and you cannot convince Empire factions or Britonnians to join your faction.

Did Archaon destroy the world? ›

In the End Times, Archaon acted as the dangerous third party: not letting Chaos take the Old World and not letting Sigmar take the Old World, Archaon just completely destroys the Old World to keep it out of their hands.

Is Archaon a human? ›

Origins and first campaigns. Archaon's origins are little more than legend and rumour. Some believe he was once a mortal man, devout in his pursuit of righteousness, until he was set against his old gods by the lies of the Ruinous Powers.

Is something rotten in Kislev enemy within? ›

Something Rotten in Kislev contains three linked adventures that can be used separately, as a Kislev campaign, or as a part of 'The Enemy Within' series. The book also has full information on the nation of Kislev, its peoples, culture and its history, as well as local religion and spirit-worship.

Who is the strongest melee lord in Warhammer 3? ›

Tyrion in Warhammer lore is a massive powerhouse who turned into a god near the end of the High Elf storyline. In Total War: Warhammer 3, he's also quite arguably the best duelist lord in the game. With the Sword of Khaine, nothing can kill him. Against armies, he's slow when it comes to killing, sadly.

Who is the 9th legendary lord? ›

With eight dynamic Legendary Lords to choose from, the Warhammer III roster is brimming with options for all playstyles, but today, we reveal the ninth Legendary Lord… the Daemon Prince! The Daemon Prince is an experience never seen in Total War!

Who is the most powerful high elf legendary lord? ›

The High Elves are no longer the powerhouses they used to be in Warhammer 2's Mortal Empires, but they can still hold their own in Warhammer 3. Alarielle, in particular, continues to be very strong and is arguably the best Legendary Lord the High Elves have to offer at the moment.


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