The Lost Ark: The Ultimate Class Guide (2023)

The Lost Ark: The Ultimate Class Guide (1)

Here you can find basic information about all classes in the game.


  • List of all classes with description
    • A crazy
    • revolver
    • Paladin
    • dancer
    • Scraper
    • soul fist
    • Aggressor
    • Sorceress
    • Bardo
    • Vigota
    • gunner
    • sharpshooter
    • revolver

List of all classes with description

A crazy

Pummel enemies and increase your Fugitive Identity meter, which once activated greatly increases your movement speed, attack speed, and critical strike chance for a longer period of time. The class feels loud and hectic with Runaway on and slow and sluggish without it.

Skills have a lot of super knockback armor built in that allows you to parry attacks that would otherwise interrupt others.

It requires the classic engraving of Berserker's secret move and a high specialization to feel good playing.

The skill set is very good at "pubstomping" in PVP, but it fights against skilled players who use more competitive classes, especially the latest classes that have been released.

PVE Difficulty


  • It's very easy to learn, but the large cooldowns and long animations can be a challenge in faster fights.


This is not a support or tank class, but it does have a taunt that is used to interrupt certain boss patterns and hold the hostility for a few seconds before the boss returns to a random attack.

Deal constant damage while increasing shield gauge with blue attacks, or deal heavy burst damage with red.

The popular 'blue' build uses the Combat Stance class etch to deal good damage with shield building abilities to keep HP shields high.

The 'red' etching of the Lonely Knight class is also popular and focuses the class more towards burst damage, weak point damage, and stagger damage, but less defense.

He's fine in PvP, but has issues with the newer classes that have a lot of mobility and hard CC on their sets.

PVE Difficulty


  • Combat Posture Gunlancer is extremely safe and easy to play.


  • The Lonely Knight Gunlancer is much less tanky, but can still take advantage of the shield for a continuous attack.


It provides a very consistent damage boost while dealing slightly more damage than Bard.

It's worse than Bard at keeping the team alive, but better at dealing damage.

The difference between the two isn't huge, so both classes are interchangeable for the support role without any issues.

His Awakening support is another one that is a bit annoying because you have to be able to access Rohendel and complete a 2-4 hour quest to unlock him.

PVE Difficulty

  • ★★☆☆☆


An agile class that builds Ki orbs by hitting enemies with abilities. Ki orbs are spent to cast 'Ult:' abilities. An alternate class build using the Beginner's Mind class etch completely ignores 'Ult:' abilities to only attack using enhanced basic abilities.

He can quickly maneuver in and out of combat and deals most of his damage within a 6 second self-help window, auto-attacking in between and using minor charge abilities.

One of the most oppressive classes in PVP that can knock down the enemy but has no super armor, forcing the operator to play and attack very carefully. High skill roof.

PVE Difficulty


  • Simple overall, you're mostly just delaying the main abilities until your buff abilities cool down.


A blunt class with no mana that balances attacks between Ki (yellow) and Shock (green) resources. One type of ability consumes one resource and creates another.

His Taijutsu build is agile and deals constant damage while moving. Preferably in faster paced matches.

Shock Regeneration's build relies on heavy hitting skills that consume blows. It is less mobile and makes a greater number of people satisfied.

The Scrapper is the most balanced class in the game, and it often feels like the game is balanced around it. It has low volatility and is less likely to be affected by balance changes.

Because of this, she is always quite competitive in PvP. While she is less oppressive than the Wardancer, she is much more resilient with various super armor options when attacking and is capable of obliterating enemies with a few of her attacks at the same time.

PVE Difficulty

  • I've never played this end game so I can't rate it.

soul fist

Casting abilities consume energy, which is a version of Mana for this class that automatically regenerates at a set rate. Going down to 0 or less energy disables your abilities until it regenerates back to 1000.

Her identity has 3 phases that empower her, each phase being stronger and shorter than the last. After the 3rd stage (the strongest), it is removed by the time it is the weakest. The popular build uses the Heaven Defying Body class etch to always jump straight to stage 3 and regenerate after it expires much faster.

She is a mid-range fighter who deals devastating damage when empowered, but is weak when not. She is best known for her signature awakening ability, the strongest one-hit attack in the game.

She was always very powerful in PVP. One of the more versatile skill sets she has a wide range of options to poke, shoot, and destroy enemies.

PVE Difficulty


  • Abstract game style. He is a melee fighter, but he doesn't have super armor, so he is easy to interrupt. Ability management is important, as is making decisions about when to trigger a boost or use the Awaken ability.


This is the Wardancer male gender unlock. They share 12 abilities that are the same but 6 that are different, different awakening abilities, different engravings, and different specialty scales.

Striker combines Wardancer's two synergy abilities into one, giving him a full bonus attack slot.

His class engraving is heavily geared towards consuming Ki orbs to power up his attacks. His unique abilities are very powerful when combined with this, so this build tends to run the meta.

It can be awkward to play due to the nature of having to counter with the charge ability.

It doesn't do more total damage than a Wardancer, and is usually slower because it doesn't do Agility. Still, it's a lot of fun to play and can do a lot of damage.

PVE Difficulty


  • Slightly more difficult to play than Wardancer due to lack of meta-build agility and abilities that can be irritating when constantly landing on enemies' backs.


This is a classic magical experience. The Sorceress excels at ranged direct damage spells.

It has two playstyles, one that focuses on high burst damage and low mobility, and one that focuses on constant sustained damage and high mobility.

Players must first master all of the boss mechanics in order to know how to position themselves and when to unleash their run. The latter is much softer, but cannot deal burst damage.

The Sorceress role in PVP is a long-term driver. While she doesn't do as much direct damage as her Summoner counterpart, she does have access to better pushing and peeling abilities, as well as great mobility as long as she maintains her identity.

PVE Difficulty


  • For the Ignition build, most of the difficulty comes from learning the bosses rather than learning the rotations. There are some animations to learn, but nothing too difficult.


  • To build Ebb, just cast spells. It's that easy. You can blink in an instant. Not suitable for players suffering from arthritis.


Playing her as a DPS isn't really an option before the T3 Legion Raid team.

Provides constant protection and increases attack to party members. When you hit enemies, you accumulate resources that you can spend to cast a powerful bonus damage boost or heal (you have to choose which one to use depending on the attack situation).

It requires your class to record Emergency Rescue for the heal to be decent.

In PVP, he can destroy enemies with his only high damage ability, Soundholic, but outside of that, he focuses on keeping allies alive and active while incapacitating enemies and making them hard to kill.

PVE Difficulty


  • It's easy to play. Just don't overlap the benefits that need to be distributed. Time your attack buffs with clear damage windows when bosses are vulnerable. Despite her low HP and defense quotient, she tends to be very skinny since she doesn't use the Grudge etch and opts for the Heavy Armor etch.


Change the positions of pistols, shotguns and sniper rifles. The pistols are for debuff and mobility, the shotgun is for primary damage, and the sniper rifle is for secondary damage and long-range backstabbing.

Since shotguns are the main source of damage, this class should not be confused with a ranged class despite using the weapon. He spends a lot of time near the boss and also has to worry about positioning as most abilities benefit from Back Attack.

It has a secondary build that only uses pistols. Great fun, but new and weaker than an all weapons build.

He has a lot of very fast engagement options and can cast from afar in PVP. Grabbing enemies, if left unchecked, can deal massive damage via combos. High skill roof.

PVE Difficulty


  • It's a really mellow class that requires you to build muscle memory to switch stances correctly while keeping track of 16 skill cooldowns (all other classes only use about 8 skills). Getting used to proper positioning on bosses can also be quite a challenge.


  • Crafting for Handgunner only is very easy as it doesn't change weapons at all and has low cooldowns. Fun to play, easy to pick up.


A tank-based artillery class that deals high damage with detonations.

The strongest abilities have a time delay, where you throw them and a few seconds later the attack happens. This can take some planning to get used to.

The Identity ability allows the gunner to go into a siege mode transformation, giving him access to an emergency shield and a powerful laser.

He has a very strong personal shield that can help him resist certain mechanics.

A powerful zoning oriented PvP kit with the option to activate from mid range and fast reload with extremely powerful builds crafted to deal massive damage to targets before they recover from the stun effects.

PVE Difficulty


  • Similar to Destroyer, the playstyle isn't for everyone. Depending on the boss, it may take an extra layer of spatial thinking to understand how to effectively plant bombs.


One of the few true classes in the game. Most of his damage is concentrated in a few abilities that are high commit and long range. These few skills deal a lot of damage. Abilities spawn a Silverhawk gauge that can be used to summon a Silverhawk bird to fight alongside you, but one popular playstyle of this class uses class engraving to hurl the bird at an enemy the moment it's on. available to get a boost.

Due to its ranged playstyle and medium-long cooldowns, the Sharpshooter is a class that can focus on the evasion mechanic while finding opportunities to use its long-range abilities without restriction.

Not a highly ranked PvP class, but arguably one of the most annoying classes in the game to play against. He does a good job of intimidating the upper middle and lower grades.

PVE Difficulty


  • I found the attack rotation to be pretty basic and a bit boring at times. It is generally a safe class.


Of his 18 abilities, 6 are different from Deadeye (2 of each stance), as are his Awakening abilities, his class engravings, and his specialization stat.

They changed the specialization effect from Shotgun and Sniper Rifle to the Gunslinger, which is the main reason why his Sniper Rifle is so powerful compared to Deadeye.

His tripods are also unique and remove the Back Attack attribute from his shotgun abilities in exchange for getting the Back Attack bonus passively on them. This allows him to attack from any orientation and not always have to move backwards like Deadeye.

While Deadeye has an extremely powerful shotgun, Gunslinger has a pretty powerful shotgun and sniper rifle, giving you plenty of long-range options if you can't get close to the boss at a certain time.

This flexibility is the main reason it's considered preferable over Deadeye, as it makes it much easier to play even if its damage potential is slightly lower.

PVE Difficulty


  • It's smooth, but it has high mobility and doesn't need to rely on attacks from any direction. Also, much of his damage is ranged and not strictly melee like Deadeye.


  • The Hunting Time perk greatly simplifies your gear by removing the shotgun from your abilities in exchange for increased critical strike chance for pistol and sniper abilities.

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