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Lost Ark can be a bit overwhelming when you jump headlong into its 'Devil meets MMO' style. Here are our tips for beginners to make a good first impression at Prideholme and beyond. But first, this guide contains a special section containing hints and tips from the Lost Ark developers.

Lost Ark Developer Tips and Strategies


Members of the Lost Ark team at Smilegate have shared insights into what they consider to be the most accessible and challenging aspects of Lost Ark, along with building suggestions.

The easiest and most difficult classes to play.

  • Deadeye is one of the most demanding classesdue to the need to balance the three weapons and correctly balance the skill points. Deadeye has to work a lot harder than any other class to get similar results.
  • Scrapper is a good class if you don't want to worry about class ability,but there is a balancing act with energetic types of abilities. However, it is quite intuitive to visually find where you need power.
  • The Sorceress is one of the more accessible classes.with a wide variety of crowd control abilities and focused damage abilities. Even Enchantress's basic attack does significant damage. Sorceress can be very good for PVE, and using the Reverse Gravity ability to power up crowd control abilities like Inferno or Seraphic Hail is a great strategy. For some focused damage or crowd control, she can target the Lightning Bolt ability in a few different ways.
  • Berserker is pretty affordable too, with a good set of combos and abilities that set you up for an excellent amount of damage.

things to do early

  • Side quests usually get you more XP and some useful consumables, so they're well worth it.
  • When you unlock the navigation,start exploring the islands as soon as you can. Island Questlines are worth stopping by, they give you grinding materials that allow for less downtime in the upgrading process.
  • Looting collectibles gives you great rewards like stat-boosting potions, which are very important for progressing and customizing your character.
  • Go through Lullaby Island and go toDreamgull Island for a series of fun quests with seagulls. It is a favorite among the QA team.
  • Saving combat items, such as types of grenades, is very useful for raids like Chromanium, where using a grenade can make combat much easier.
  • If you don't understand what an item is used for in combat, consider saving all combat items for the late game.
  • If you don't know what you want for selection chestsstick to them, there is an item storage NPC in most hub areas such as Prideholme or Luterra.
  • It is important to use the practice space to find out what you like about the class.
  • PVP and PVE skills are different. Be sure to learn what changes between modes.

See more tips from the Lost Ark developers atGuide and tips for PVPpage. The following tips and strategies are from IGN's guide team.

Good crowd control is a must

The Lost Ark can sometimes throw more than a dozen enemies at you at once, so you want to try to hit as many as possible. Skills that knock back, pull, or stun multiple enemies are best for this. Once your enemies are grouped up, use abilities that attack in a wide area to quickly finish off the remaining enemies. In dungeons, this is especially useful, as you can also combine your crowd control abilities with your allies, decimating even the largest groups of enemies.

Each class has some form of crowd control or can attack multiple enemies, but if you're looking for good starting abilities, here are a few to look out for when considering good abilities. Be sure to try out the new skills when you level up!

  • A crazy- Danger of crime
  • Paladin- a light blow
  • revolver- Rising Gunlance
  • Bardo- Dissonance
  • Sorceress- Lightning Vortex
  • Shadow Hunter- Swivel dive
  • Sword of death- wind cut
  • Strikers/Dancers- Sky Shattering Strike
  • Scraper- Advent of the Dragon
  • soul fist- Poison Fist
  • sharpshooter- Atomic Arrow
  • Deadeye/Revolveraš- spiral flame
  • gunner- Freeze the shell

Put away your good potions!

There are two types of potions that you will get while playing the game; they will restore a fixed amount of health or a percentage of your maximum health.Potions that restore a percentage of your health should be saved for late game.Since flat health potions gradually lose their value as you level up, they should be your go-to healing option, and the further you get into the story, the stronger you'll keep getting.

Don't worry about running out of anything either; the game will give you dozens of potions at once, and most enemies will quickly disappear once you start combining skills and their special abilities. Leftover potions can be sold to the merchant for some extra silver and to clear out your inventory if you run out. If you want to store your good potions, each city and town has a storage container that you can use to store any unnecessary items.


Pay attention to the effects of abilities.

While you can usually get away with using your abilities as long as they're off cooldown for the majority of Lost Ark's runtime, you can use your knowledge of all five ability effects to further shift the battle to your favor.

Some are simple, depending on the position; wearfrontal attacksbefore the enemies, Iattacks from behindfrom behind. Both abilities do more damage if used from the correct position, so reposition quickly before firing them for maximum damage.

be coveredicounter skillsthey are more involved, but they also have better pay. Stumble skills will deplete the stumble meter, the purple bar under the boss's health. When it runs out, the boss will be stunned and vulnerable to your most damaging abilities, a good time to use your attacks from behind or from the front.

counter skills, when used as a boss it turns blue and charges at you, it will stop the attack and deal a lot of damage. All listed skill effects are usefully marked as such when reviewing your combat skills, so be sure to read up on your skills to get the most out of them.

Play dungeons on hard mode

Despite the name, the Hard Mode dungeons can be traversed quickly if you use the matchmaking feature to enter with other players. You'll get better quality equipment for your effort, which you can keep longer before you need to upgrade. If you have friends who are at a higher level,remember that the game does not synchronize its level with yours; if they team up with you, they can kill most dungeon mobs in seconds as you tag along on the journey.

Don't forget to hit the Tripports!

As you enter new zones, make a mental note of the Triport locations; once active, you can teleport to them for a few silver coins, allowing you to quickly travel from one location to another. It's very easy to miss them if you're focused on progressing through the story as quickly as possible, but luckily you can find many of them on or a bit off the main path. If you are missing one, don't leave it! It's better to go back a bit and activate than have to teleport and do it a few hours later anyway.

Don't be afraid to try a new course.

Lost Ark is very friendly when it comes to playing alternate jobs. If you start out as a martial artist but later want to become a magician, don't let the thought of leveling up again discourage you. You can skip the long intro part of the tutorial (at the cost of the unique Steampunk goggles you get as a reward for completing it), and since most of the initial quests are simple "come and kill x monsters", you can skip the dialogue and concentrate on experimenting with your new class.

If your main job is at max level, you can use Knowledge Transfer (separate quests for your lower level characters) to send your alternate players on quests for gold, though you can still play them during your quest. Finally, after completing the main story, you will receive a Powerpass, a one-time use item that will allow you to play a shortened version of the Lost Ark main story with a new character. In the end, you will be rewarded with a level 50 equipped character. The game will give you two free Powerpasses, so if you complete the main quest and want something different, you can choose another two classes for free if you want. some variety


General tips

  • You can only collect your daily bloodstones, a rare and exclusive resourceinteracting with your guildwhen opening the guild menu; If you have extra silver, you can also donate to support your guild and get some extra bloodstones in return!
  • Gold is the only currency that you can use to trade with other players.If you have to choose between spending silver or gold, always spend silver! Save the gold for the auction house.
  • Your pets grant you passive benefits, and if you have a Crystalline Aura membership, they can also store your items, retrieve your mail, and even repair your weapons and armor!
  • Many systems beyond their combat level carry over between jobs. Silver, your roster level, and even your Stronghold are applied to the entire account to make playing alternate characters more comfortable.

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